George Shelby

“I need my mouthpieces to play in tune, play easily, have a big sound with overtones, and play in whatever style a situation demands. JodyJazz mouthpieces give me all of that, while letting my own sound come out naturally.”

Magnus Bakken

“The DV Tenor 8* is the most versatile and rich-sounding mouthpiece I have ever played. It allows me to have a bright and projecting sound that also incorporates darker elements when I need it to. An incredible mouthpiece for all the various settings I play. I highly recommend this mouthpiece to anyone who likes a bright, big and rich sound!”

JodyJazz DV

Jason Marshall

Greg Thomas

“I love the effortless smoothness, power, and tone of these mouthpieces”

Jason Marshall

“The DV series of mouthpieces deliver immediate response and clarity of attack that I find a necessity while performing in the diverse situations for which I’m called. Jody has created a mouthpiece that helps me meet any artistic demand on any saxophone. No longer am I a zealous “gear head”. I play the DV by JodyJazz and that, quite simply (and happily), is that!”