Dark Centered Power

Jody Jazz Classical Clarinet

What is the JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece?

The JodyJazz Clarinet Mouthpiece is best for Concert Band, Orchestra and Classical music settings in closed facings, (2–4) and in the more open facings, (5-8) it is the perfect for playing Jazz Clarinet because of the increased projection that an open mouthpiece can produce with a softer reed.

Dark Centered Power

The JodyJazz Clarinet Mouthpiece has a deep, dark, woody clarinet sound. A centered sound is produced from this mouthpiece with excellent projection. Intonation is flawless throughout the range of the clarinet.

Three goals in Creating the JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece
  1. Beautiful, Dark Clarinet Sound
  2. Even tone and great intonation throughout the registers
  3. Increased projection when needed by adding the spoiler.
JodyJazz JET Alto Sax Mouthpiece

The Mouthpiece comes with a Silver Rico H Ligature, Cap, Spoiler, and a Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch. Free USPS Priority Shipping* within the United States. (Click “Buy Now” Button to see all shipping options including Overseas, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada)

JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
  • 2 = .041
  • 3 = .045
  • 4 = .047
  • 5 = .052
  • 6 = .062
  • 7 = .064
  • 8 = .068
  • 9 = .071
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Ryan Burrage Plays JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Ruby Red 9
Charles Pillow (Maria Schneider Big Band)

JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece WITH & WITHOUT Spoiler


WITH Spoiler

How is it Made?

JodyJazz Clarinet Mouthpieces are made of a proprietary polycarbonate alloy with a synthetic rubber mix which is a high tech, expensive material. This is not like ABS plastic or any other kind of plastic material currently used for clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. In fact the material that makes the JodyJazz Classic mouthpiece is six times more expensive than that used in other plastic mouthpieces. The formula to our material, which is highly guarded secret, contains a certain amount of synthetic rubber which is a form of plastic that can be molded into parts that feel just like rubber.

Because of the addition of the synthetic rubber, JodyJazz Classic Mouthpieces, produce the warm overtones that hard rubber mouthpieces can produce while allowing us to use the manufacturing process know as precision injection molding.

Besides being able to flawlessly produce the intricate forms and curves of a clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece, injection molding allows us to achieve uniform cooling. As each mouthpiece is molded it is dropped into a huge vat of cool water insuring that each mouthpiece cools at the same rate. Cooling is critical in this type of manufacturing as well as in the manufacturing of hard rubber mouthpieces because if cooling occurs at different temperatures than the mouthpieces will have slightly different dimensions.

Every JodyJazz clarinet mouthpiece is hand finished to insure the absolute best quality. In addition each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the clarinet.

About the Spoiler:

The Spoiler is a patented invention. It adds volume (projection) and brightness to the mouthpiece. Spoilers consist of a wedge which creates a higher baffle giving the mouthpiece a brighter more cutting sound. Attached to the wedge is a small metal "reed" which actually vibrates when air is blown into the mouthpiece. This vibration disturbs the air stream causing more complex harmonics and creating more volume. This device slips easily in or out of the mouthpiece. It's like having two mouthpieces in one.

Only JodyJazz Classic, and ESP models come with a spoiler. The metal reed on the ESP spoilers are 24kt Gold plated and the metal reed on the Classic spoilers are stainless steel. The spoiler is designed only for JodyJazz Classic and ESP models and will not fit other mouthpieces.

Special Notes on the JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece

With our clarinet mouthpiece I find that many players can achieve their sound with a reed strength of one half strength less than they usually use. Of course this also depends on the tip opening of the mouthpiece.

To match the tip opening closest to a 5RV choose our # 2

To match the tip opening closest to a B45 choose our #4

To match the tip opening closest to a 5JB choose our #6