Cristian Mendoza

JodyJazz GIANT Tenor 8*

Cristian Mendoza on the Giant Tenor 8*

“I recorded my first cd with the JodyJazz HR* Tenor 10 great sound and power. Now I have Jody Jazz Giant Tenor 8* and I feel the best experience on color of the sound and projection.”

Cristian Mendoza Biography

Started his studies at the Instrumental Band in Talca, Chile where he studied Music and the Saxophone. He continued his studies at the Universidad Chile with the great classical saxophonist Miguel Villafruela and after with the Chilean saxophonist Marcos Aldana who gave his first approach to the language of Jazz and Popular Music

In 2005, Cristian traveled to Mexico where he had the opportunity to play with the best musicians of the local scene like Tyler Mitchel, Gabriel Hernandez and Alex Kautz.

In 2007, Cristian had the opportunity to play with the first Latin America Jazz ensemble at the IAJE conference in Toronto Canada 2008 (Latin America Jazz ensemble).

In January of 2012, Cristian traveled to NYC to record his first album called “Lost in New York”. He had the opportunity to record with some of the best jazz musicians in the world (Hans Glawishnig, Mike Moreno & Alex Kautz)

He has played at the IAJE Jazz fest … 2007 Toronto Canada, Jazzuv 2008 Xalapa Mex, International Jazz Puebla 2010, San Miguel de Allende Jazz Fest 2011, Book Fair City Mexico2014, Cordoba Jazz Fest 2015, Film festival Chiapas 2015, International Festival of Jazz Punta Arenas 2015, International Jazzatlan Jazz Fest 2015 and played with incredible musicians like Willie Colon , John Benitez, Diego Obregon, Ari Hoenig, Hans Glawishnig, Mike Moreno , Peter Slavov, Alex Kautz , Giovanni Figueroa, Gabriel Puentes, Gabriel Henandez , Tyler Mitchel, Arturo Sandoval, Ricky Rodriguez , Samuel Torres , Axel Tosca , Gregory Ryan, Benito Gonzalez , Guillermo Vadala , J Morelli Luri Molina , Diego Marotto.

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