Tito Hinojosa

JodyJazz DV Tenor 7*

Tito Hinojosa on the DV Tenor 7*

“I definitely found what I expected for years, a mouthpiece made for professionals, really functional in all aspects … delicacy, a powerful sound and rich in emotion are just some of the many qualities that JodyJazz mouthpieces possess, now I feel free to direct my interpretation to the next level of expression and comfort. Once you test the JodyJazz mouthpieces you really live your music to the fullest, thank you!”


“Definitivamente encontré lo que por años esperé, una boquilla hecha para profesionales, realmente funcional en todos los aspectos… delicadeza, un sonido poderoso y rico en emoción son solo algunas de las muchas cualidades que poseen las boquillas JodyJazz, ahora me siento libre de dirigir mi interpretación al siguiente nivel de expresión y comodidad. Una vez que pruebas las boquillas JodyJazz realmente vives tú música al máximo, gracias!”

Tito Hinojosa Biography

Roberto “Tito” Hinojosa, born in 1987 in the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, at the age of 10, after his parent’s influence decides interested in music, playing at first flutes and guitar… his father “Robin” Hinojosa (Mexican guitarist virtuous jazz fusion lover) suggests the young apprentice to play the saxophone.

By surprise for everyone Tito demonstrated natural virtuosity from his early musical phases ,the extraordinary speed and natural way of understanding music pushes Tito to play in local important shows and events, most however he continues searching the next level, they do get involved with the JAZZ.

In short time the young musician began to be recognized for his improvisational skills and high capacity for teaching and became famous in his home city. Then he chose to display his skills using YouTube, receiving an impressive worldwide acceptance since the early days of exposure network. This project with Tito Tips, supporting hundreds of students around the world to meet the challenges of the jazz improvisation.

He is currently the founder and director of the www.tocajazz.com virtual school, an educational project with thousands of students around the world.

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