JodyJazz DV NY Alto & DV Baritone Mouthpieces – Downbeat Review

JodyJazz DV NY Alto & DV Baritone Mouthpieces – Downbeat Review

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Review of JodyJazz DV Alto & Baritone Mouthpieces Excerpted from Downbeat Magazine.

JodyJazz continues to produce new models of gold-plated brass mouthpieces that give serious saxophone players further options for great sound and response. The JodyJazz DV NY Alto and DV Baritone, released early this year, bring metal professional sax mouthpieces to new levels of efficiency and tonal flexibility.

Featuring an especially deep chamber design, the DV NY Alto is the company’s warmest sounding alto mouthpiece, according to Jody Espina, owner of JodyJazz Inc. Espina said that initially he was uncertain whether to go forward with manufacturing the DV NY Alto, but was encouraged and inspired by the input of star alto players Loren Stillman and Naoki Iwane. “Both of these guys played old metal [Otto] Links on their altos, which are dark mouthpieces,” Espina said. “They tried my prototype that I had been monkeying around with, and both of them said to keep going with it. There are not that many people looking for metal alto mouthpieces right now. You practically have to push it into people’s hands to get them to try it.”

DV NY Alto Horizontal

Surprisingly, the DV NY Alto plays even warmer than Espina’s hard rubber alto models, and it’s versatile enough to accommodate players in many contexts, from a loud rock show to a quiet little art gallery performance. If the DV NY Alto suits your chops, this could be the only mouthpiece you need to bring out on any type of gig. Like all of the company’s DV NY models, the new piece is designed for straight-ahead players and is free-blowing.

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The DV Baritone mouthpiece offers more power and added ability to play soft and sweet, compared with previous JodyJazz models. Featuring a high baffle and requiring no spoilers, it makes a good choice for contemporary or straight-ahead players who are used to the company’s now obsolete ESP line of bari mouthpieces but want more control and flexibility with their sound. The DV Baritone is slightly wider in the mouth and more closely resembles a classic Otto Link piece.

DV Baritone Horizontal

 The DV Baritone is a heavy mouthpiece that responds with quick attack and a colorful brassy tone that’s rich in harmonics. Its “secondary window”—a feature on all of JodyJazz’s DV and DV NY models—allows the reed to vibrate more efficiently and adds a nice woody darkness in the middle and lower registers.

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If you’re a saxophonist who plays a JodyJazz DV on alto or tenor, the new bari piece will feel familiar to your chops and give you the same huge projection you’re used to. Espina noted that the new DV Baritone will ultimately make it easier for a DV-devoted doubler to quickly switch over to bari when the big horn is called upon.

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JodyJazz Saxophone mouthpieces are hand-crafted in the USA with the strictest attention to detail using the highest quality
materials, and every single mouthpiece is fully gauged and play tested.
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