DVD/CD Package – Triadic Chromatic Approach DVD & George Garzone: Tradin’ With The Greats CD

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“The Triadic Chromatic Approach”® DVD
This method is a new innovative approach to jazz improvisation developed and created by George Garzone over the last 25 years of teaching and playing. It teaches you how to generate non permutative lines. That means lines that aren’t predictable or repetitive and sound totally fresh. It will allow you to play over chord changes without fear.


“Tradin’ With The Greats”® CD

This is the next generation of Jazz Play Along recordings. “Tradin’ With The Greats”®, puts you in the band with some of the greatest musicians of our time. Trading is the time-honored tradition where musicians improvise back and forth, inspiring each other to play at higher levels of artistry than they normally reach.

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Tradin' With The Greats - George Garzone CD

The Tunes
1. There Is No Greater Love
2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
3. Green Dolphin Street
4. The Mingus That I Knew
5. My One And Only Love
6. Billy's Bounce
7. Tutti Italiani
8. I Love You
9. It Could Happen To You
10. Out Of Nowhere
11. Alone Together
12. Hey, Open Up

Triadic Chromatic Approach DVD

"The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach", is a Jazz Improvisation Instructional DVD and much, much more.

Triadic Chromatic Approach includes subtitles in following languages :
German – Italian – Japanese – Spanish