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JodyJazz GIANT Tenor
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What Is the GIANT Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece?

The GIANT series introduces a new concept in saxophone mouthpiece design that we call “Stealth Metal” combining the outside shape and look of a hard rubber mouthpiece with the precision of Aerospace Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum.

The GIANT has a dark, big saxophone sound but with strong projection and cut. The JodyJazz GIANT is excellent for Jazz, Straight Ahead, Bebop, Big Band, even Rock, Funk, and Blues. Due to its versatility, it can blend nicely with a concert band or saxophone quartet.

Big • Complex • Timeless

The GIANT is a great saxophone mouthpiece that seems to appeal to a very broad variety of players.

Made on our five-axis CNC mill in our factory in Savannah. The Aerospace Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum provides the perfect tone and the ability to manufacture with extremely high tolerances.

Four Goals in Creating the JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

  1. To capture the very best of our popular HR* hard rubber line of mouthpieces and then through 3D modeling take it to the next level.
  2. To create a tenor sax mouthpiece that is both warm and dark but with has a huge sound at the same time.
  3. To make a metal mouthpiece with the same cutting edge technology as our DV sax mouthpieces, but costs less to produce since we don’t 24kt Gold Plate the Hard Anodized Aluminum.
  4. To demand and achieve the most rigorous QUALITY CONTROL possible. Each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional saxophonists on staff to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone.

JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings

  • 6* = .095
  • 7* = .105
  • 8 = .110
  • 8* = .115

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JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Price: $350

The mouthpiece comes with Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch. Free domestic USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling included. (Click “Buy Now” button to see overseas shipping).

$350.00 – $395.00

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Does Not Include Ligature

This mouthpiece does not come with a ligature. Your current ligature (if you have a hard rubber mouthpiece) should fit this mouthpiece, but for upgrades on the ligature you can look here at our POWER RING® Ligatures. The POWER RING HRT1 Gold and HRT1S Silver models are made specifically for this mouthpiece. You can also look here at our H-Ligature options as well.

Jodyjazz Power Ring Ligatures

JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Demonstration by Jody Espina

JodyJazz Artist – Arno Haas Demonstrates the Tenor GIANT 7* at the 2014 Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany

Jody Espina Introduces the JodyJazz GIANT Mouthpeice at MusikMesse 2014


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Special Notes on the GIANT Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Every JodyJazz mouthpiece is hand finished to insure the absolute best quality. In addition, each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional saxophonists on staff to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone.

The GIANT Difference

  1. 5 Axis CNC Machining – Allows for extremely precise manufacturing and repeatability.
  2. Unique Design – The unique inner and outer shape of the JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece gives it a unique sound and feel. This is a unique chamber design.
  3. Hand Finished – Each GIANT mouthpiece is hand finished to ensure the absolute best quality and is individually play tested to ensure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone.

What Does The GIANT Do?

  • Big Warm Complex Sound
  • Free Blowing with a touch of resistance
  • Extremely even sound throughout the range of the saxophone
  • Responsive in all registers
  • Power and Projection
  • Good for all styles of music

How Does The GIANT Do It?

  • Large Chamber
  • Precision – CNC Machined
  • New facing curve
  • Hand finished baffle and tip rail
  • Play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional saxophonists
  • Unique material – Anodized Aluminum

A Giant Step for Your Sound

  1. not loud, BIG

    The GIANT has a large chamber and a large sound. This tenor saxophone mouthpiece is somewhat unique in the fact that normally to get a lot of projection you have to have a smaller chamber, which gives you a brighter more cutting sound. And when a mouthpiece has a larger chamber the sound becomes warmer but the projection goes way down. Another way to say that is that large chamber saxophone mouthpieces are typically quieter. But the GIANT has a large chamber and huge warm sound due to the following unique factors that make up the GIANT: Material – Anodized Aluminum, Facing Curve – this is a brand new facing curve that allows maximum reed vibration, Baffle – this is the material inside the mouthpiece right next to the tip rail (extremely important for projection), Chamber Shape – The GIANT has its own unique chamber shape which is allowing warmth with projection.

  2. not focused, COMPLEX

    The GIANT produces a sound that has a core and more. There are many aspects to a saxophone sound and when we say a mouthpiece has a focused sound we mean that you hear more core to the sound than anything. The chamber and material combination of the GIANT are allowing it to create a sound that can be shaped by the player and ultimately have many interesting and complex aspects to the sound creating unique beauty to your saxophone sound.

  3. not vintage, TIMELESS

    There are so many Jazz saxophone mouthpieces on the market today that are simply trying to recreate mouthpieces of the past. When making the GIANT we did not have this goal in mind although we think that those players wishing to evoke the sound of Classic Jazz mouthpieces should look at the GIANT. But rather we were trying to move into the future using state of the art manufacturing techniques, new material and new ideas to create a new Classic Jazz Sound.

  4. Stealth Metal

    The GIANT has the outside shape and look of a hard rubber mouthpiece but the Anodized Aluminum material gives it the precision of a metal mouthpiece. CNC machined to exact tolerances. The large chamber is expertly hand finished to produce an extraordinarily full sound.

GIANT Tenor George Garzone Signature Models

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GIANT Tenor JodyJazz

JodyJazz GIANT GARZONE Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Demonstration by Jody Espina

The two newest additions to the GIANT Tenor range. Working with world-renown Tenor Saxophonist George Garzone, the company has developed the GIANT Tenor 9* and 10* models both of which will be launched as George Garzone “Signature” models.

“George Garzone is one of my favorite Sax players and in my opinion one of the greatest Tenor players of all time. He is inarguably one of the greatest living Tenor players today,” says Jody. “Larger tip openings give you more harmonics in the sound and a darker tone. The larger distance allows the reed to vibrate further, generating more harmonics. I knew these characteristics would truly lend themselves to the inherent qualities of the GIANT Tenors but larger tip openings saxophone mouthpieces are more difficult to play and require more control and practice. So I was determined to develop large tip openings to offer in the GIANT range that would be easier to play and working with George I’m proud to say we’ve more than achieved that goal.”

The main way this was accomplished was by using a facing curve that is similar to the curve on one of George Garzone’s old Hard Rubber Link 10* mouthpiece that he used to play many years ago. Essentially it is a shorter facing than you would expect on a large tip opening.

“I’ve been playing the JodyJazz HR* hard rubber for years and thought I would never look at another mouthpiece, but when Jody invited me to the factory to work with him on the larger tip openings for the new GIANT Tenors, I was intrigued,” said George Garzone. “Many years ago we’d worked together to develop the facing curve on my HR* Tenor 10* and we applied the same principles to the new GIANT Tenor 9* and 10*. Jody’s facing curve makes these larger tip openings much easier to play. The metal mouthpiece with the hard rubber shape is the perfect mix for me. The colors in the sound of the GIANT are amazing and I love the way I can lean into it to shape my sound.”

Many people will doubt that they can play a 9* or a 10* but they are so often surprised that it does not require much more energy than their current 8* for example. We encourage you to try the Giant George Garzone Signature Model for yourself.

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