JodyJazz Band Director Section Kits


Our new Band Director Section Kits are designed to enable Band Directors to take their sax sections to the next level. These specially selected sets of mouthpieces will result in a more confident, engaged, and vibrant saxophone section. Each kit includes 2 x Alto, 2 x Tenor and 1 x Baritone mouthpieces.

There are two JodyJazz kit selections, a ‘Basic’ and an ‘Advanced’ kit:
The ‘Basic’ kit consists of HR* Alto 5M & 6M, HR* Tenor 5* & 6*, HR* Baritone 6.
The ‘Advanced’ kit consists of HR* Alto 6M & 7M, HR* Tenor 6* & 7*, HR* Baritone 7.

Mouthpieces with larger tip openings will require more embouchure strength and air support. Stronger players should receive the largest tip openings. Select for your students the mouthpieces which are the most comfortable for them to play. Each mouthpiece is individually hand-finished and play tested to the strictest quality standards and with the highest possible attention to detail. A beautiful warm sound, great response, and control make these mouthpieces amazing players.

The JodyJazz kits each include ligatures and caps at No Charge. The kits also include a QR code link to our new JodyJazz Band Director Resources page where Band Directors can find a wealth of helpful educational articles and videos. Click here to access the JodyJazz Band Director Resources page.

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