POWER RING®️ Ligature with Cap


JodyJazz offers a wide selection of POWER RING®️ Ligatures and Caps to fit most JodyJazz mouthpieces. Because of the distinctive size and shape of the POWER RING Ligature you will require a larger Cap for your setup. These packs offer together the POWER RING Ligature and particular Cap that you will need for your JodyJazz mouthpiece setup.

Use this Guide to find the POWER RING Ligature with Cap that fits your mouthpiece:

  • DV Soprano Mouthpiece – Choose MS1 Gold with Cap or MS1S Silver with Cap
  • DV / DV NY / SUPER JET Alto Mouthpieces – Choose MA1 Gold with Cap or MA1S Silver with Cap
  • DV Alto 9 & 9* Mouthpieces – Choose MA1 Plus Gold with Cap
  • DV / DV NY / DV CHI / SUPER JET Tenor Mouthpieces – Choose MT1 Gold with Cap or MT1S Silver with Cap
  • DV / DV NY / SUPER JET Baritone & DV Bass Mouthpieces – Choose MB1 Gold with Cap or MB1S Silver with Cap
  • HR* / JET Alto Mouthpieces – Choose HRA1 Gold with Cap or HRA1S Silver with Cap
  • HR* Alto Mouthpieces purchased before 2016 – Choose HRA1 Minus Gold with Cap or HRA1S Minus Silver with Cap
  • HR* / HR* CUSTOM DARK / JET Tenor Mouthpieces – Choose HRT1 Gold with Cap or HRT1S Silver with Cap
  • HR* / JET Baritone Mouthpieces – Choose HRB1 Gold with Cap or HRB1S Silver with Cap
  • CLARINET Mouthpieces (Most Popular Models) – Choose CL1 Gold with Cap or CL1S Silver with Cap
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