DV NY Baritone




The DV NY for Baritone Sax will appeal to the Straight Ahead player looking for the best playing and sounding mouthpiece baritone that he or she can find. The mouthpiece is based on our popular DV model but has several modifications, the most significant being a deep chamber which results is a dark warm beautiful baritone saxophone sound. We’ve had great response from “Link” players looking for a more free blowing mouthpiece. The DV NY is for Baritone sax players that want a beautiful rich traditional bari sax sound and also want a free blowing mouthpiece.

Additional information

Available Tip Openings

6 = .100
7 = .110
7* = .115
8 = .120
9 = .130
10 = .140

DVNY Baritone Tip Openings

DVNY Baritone 10, DVNY Baritone 6, DVNY Baritone 7, DVNY Baritone 7*, DVNY Baritone 8, DVNY Baritone 9

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