DVD – Triadic Chromatic Approach

The Music of

George Garzone

& The Triadic Chromatic Approach

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Triadic Chromatic Approach Lessons Only with subtitles in:

2 DVD Disc Set Over 3 Hours of Material

About This DVD “The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach”, is a Jazz Improvisation Instructional DVD and much, much more. MADE FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS Performances: Solo, Duos, Trios, an Sextet performances The Triadic Chromatic Approach: 23 Chapters & 30 Examples of In-Depth Lessons Trading Play Alongs: George Plays / You Play w/ Rhythm Section Pure Play Along: You Play w/ Rhythm Section Garzone On Sound: In-depth Lesson of Saxophone Sound Production PDF Supplements: Transposed for all instruments, examples, exercises and lead sheets Bonus Features: Interviews, Alternate Takes, Extra Who Can Benefit From This DVD?


Wants to Improve their Improvisation Skills Wants to Improve their Saxophone Sound & Playing Wants intimate and unprecedented access to one of the greatest musicians and teachers of our time Would like to be inspired to take your playing to the next level and beyond Wants to improve their time Triadic Chromatic Approach

This method is a new innovative

NEW DVD – In the Funk Zone

In the FUNK ZONE with

George Garzone

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About This DVD For all Instruments and all levels The most universal Scale in the world, the pentatonic scale may be the least studied. Now George Garzone has given you the keys to the Kingdom with his in depth lessons from the beginning (simply playing the 5 notes of the Pentatonic Scale) to the end (advanced chromaticism) and many new ideas in between on how to create with this most useful of scales.

Time and Feel are stressed In George’s own words from the DVD “The main focuses of today’s DVD is gonna be talking about the world of playing in time and even eighth notes, working on a solid structure when you improvise.”

Taking The Fear Out of Improvising The DVD is for beginners on up to advanced students and teaches how to improvise on one key grooves using the minor Pentatonic

New Garzone Recording


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The New Recording by
George Garzone

Esperanza Spalding - Bass & Vocals
Leo Genovese - Piano

“I’m not the master of the sax, George Garzone is.”Michael Brecker “You know the movie “The Natural?” They named that after George Garzone…”Dave Liebman

GEORGE GARZONE is one of the greatest saxophonists of our time. His newest recording, Crescent, is a must hear recording with pianist, LEO GENOVESE, and bassist, ESPERANZA SPALDING. It is an interesting trio recording with no drums. The drums really are not missed considering the solid time of all three musicians.

Garzone is one of the few saxophonists on the planet who can do justice to the Coltrane tradition while maintaining his own unique voice. Crescent is a very fitting name for this recording! George is also recognized as one of the great educators in jazz and is teaching at Berklee College of Music and has taught at NEC. His students are among the best--Joshua Redman, Branford Marsalis, Seamus Blake, Mark Turner, Donny McCaslin to name a few. This new album is truly a great listen.

Track Listing

1. Girl From Argentina

2. In Your Own Sweet Way

3. Hey Open Up

4. Crescent

5. Like Someone In Love

6. I Want To Talk About You

7. The Girl From Argentina – Radio

8. Theme For Ernie

NEW Play Along CD

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"Tradin’ With The Greats"®,


Who Can Benefit From These CD’s? ANYONE WHO: Wants to Improve their Improvisation Skills Wants to Improve the way they interpret Jazz Standards Wants an invitation to sit in on a recording session with some of the greatest musicians of our time Would like to be inspired to take your playing to the next level and beyond Wants to improve their time
Tradin' With The Greats - George Garzone

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1. There Is No Greater Love 2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise 3. Green Dolphin Street

4. The Mingus That I Knew 5. My One And Only Love 6. Billy’s Bounce

7. Tutti Italiani 8. I Love You 9. It Could Happen To You 10. Out Of Nowhere

11. Alone Together 12. Hey, Open Up

Disc 2 Play Along Sample: MUSICIANS

Tenor Sax: George Garzone Piano: Mulgrew Miller Bass: John Lockwood Drums: Bob Gullotti



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Photo Gallery

JodyJazz Photo Gallery

Inclusion in the Photo Gallery does not imply an endorsement by the artist. In almost all cases the artists have played my mouthpieces and are very encouraging to me. Please go to the Artist Endorsers page to see our Official Endorsers.

Santy Runyon John Lapota Dino Govoni Greg Osby & Jason Marshall Keith Anderson Jeff Kashiwa Jeff Coffin Jerome Selmer Dave Liebman David Byrne Claire Daly & Sue Terry George Garzone Sue Terry Dave Liebman Vaughn Nelson Tom Scott George Garzone & Joe Lovano Kenny G Terrance Martin Jerry Bergonzi, Li Gaoyang and George Garzone Roger Pemberton & Santy Runyon Tom Scott Roger Pemberton & Steve Goodson Charles Neville Dino Govoni & Phil Wilson Eric Marienthal Jay Beckenstein Duddly Owens, Jason Marshall & Art Sherrod Jr. Brie,Jody,Dana Phil Woods Steve Buscemi Torrence Bowi Wayne Escoffery Steve Berlin Paula Henderson Pharoh Sanders Bennie Maupin Jody with the Late Great Michael Brecker Devon Edie Guy Legere Rene Mcline James Moody

George Keiht Lee

B00STbyDESIGN DV Tenor 7

“It was truly amazing, that from the very first note I knew that I was hearing a quality of sound I never thought posible plus ease of playing and note exsessibility.This is IT, Jody Jazz. ps I play a toneking special.”…

February 2009 Issue


…”Virtuoso mouthpiece craftsman Jody Espina expands into the instructional DVD market with The Music of George Garzone & the Triadic Chromatic Approach, a comprehensive presentation of the ideas behind the music of Berklee and New England Conservatory instructor George Garzone…”…

Jody Espina Biography

…Jazz itself, having taught almost all of the major saxophonists of our time. Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Sonny Stitt, Harry Carney, Michael Brecker, Joe Lavano and Jerry Coker are only a few of the influential players that have been taught by Jody’s teachers: Joe Allard, Junie Ferrell, David Gross, Dave Liebman, Santy Runyon, Joe Viola , George Garzone, and the great pianist/composer Joanne Brackeen.

After majoring in classical clarinet for two years at the University of South Florida, Espina transferred to Berklee College of Music where he won a Phil Woods Performance Scholarship. While at Berklee, he had classes with master teachers: Herb Pomeroy, John LaPorta, Gary Burton, Mike Metheny, Phil Wilson, and Joe Viola. Espina graduated magne cum laude with a degree in Performance; his senior recital was broadcast on National Public Radio.

Professional Organizations and Skills

Jody is a member of the following organizations: Local 802 (Musicians Union), NAMM, Rotary Club of Savannah, The Savannah Children’s Choir Board of Trustees. Jody is a SoundPainting Conductor, and is moderately fluent in Spanish.


Live Footage


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Matt Renzi

B00STbyDESIGN HR* Tenor 8*

…Hi Jody, This is Matt Renzi. Just wanted to drop you a line about the Hard Rubber ‘8’ piece you laid on me last May when I came down to the factory with George Garzone. It’s fantastic and I’ve been using it the whole time since then (recorded 6 CDs with it so far!) The latest one that’s gonna come out is my CD “Lunch Special” I put a track up off that CD for you to check out on my site: www.mattrenzi.com … It’s called ‘Circolazione.’ Thanks, and I’ll talk to you soon….