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Harlan Ives on the DV Bass 7

“I’ve been playing my new DV Bass 7 on bari sax for about 2 weeks now and just wanted you to know that I love it!! I have been very fond of the DV NY Baritone 7, but you are absolutely right! The bass mpc is really big on the bottom (my favorite range on bari), but it’s also crystal clear and warm on top and altissimo is fantastic! Thank you for steering me in the right direction on this DV Bass mouthpiece!! Harlan”

JodyJazz DV

John A Markham

“Dear Jody, I wanted to compliment you an express my utmost appreciation for the fine craftmanship of your new DV bass sax mouthpiece that I received on new year’s eve. I’ve been playing on a Mason silver metal mouthpiece with my almost new selmer bass sax, which was a step up from the Selmer and Runyon modified mouthpieces. Kudos to you. I didn’t know what to expect since a bass sax metal mouthpiece is a rarity for this esoteric instrument. With your JodyJazz bass sax metal mouthpiece, I played every note in each octave quite smoothly and accurately without any resistance or unwanted effects. Your wonderful mouthpiece will really make the playing of this cumbersome instrument a dream come true. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase…worth every penny and more. All the best”

JodyJazz DV

Jay Easton

“I met Jody Espina At the Saxophone Summit and played two of his brand new Jody Jazz DV bass sax mouthpieces. They were superb pieces – the nicest balance of warmth, power, and richness I have yet come across in a modern mainstream-type jazz mouthpiece for bass. Very playable and responsive from bottom to top of the instrument. Even though I don’t usually like metal mouthpieces, I am seriously considering purchasing one myself as soon as I can afford it. All the best”

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