Dominique de Larrard

“I tried the DV model and as every sax players in the world i find it wonderful, no more words , congratulations for your work.And of course i WANT ONE!!!! “

Prof. Andrew Bowie

“Give them a try: Jody does great customer service, so if it’s not for you, you can return it, provided, of course, that you look after it. I now have that feeling I had with the other DVs of wanting to get back to the horn, because practice is so much more rewarding. Hats off to Jody again!”

DV Series

“Dear Jody. I will try to contain my list of superlatives so I don’t sound like I’m gushing. When I first pulled it out of the packaging, I thought it was perfect in every examination of the workmanship. I put the mouthpiece where you told me to just to where the neck begun to peek through. The pitches were DEAD on bottom to top. This is the free-est blowing soprano sax mouthpiece EVER.. I might end up with a slightly stiffer reed even though this is the most open mouthpiece I have ever used.