DV Tenor 6

My DV series arrived today — This mouthpiece is amazing!! I can’t believe the change in my sound at the first note. Thank you for fast service, great packaging, and a game-changing product!!

Derek Brown

“As soon as I first played the Jody Jazz DV Tenor 8*, I knew it was the right mouthpiece for me. Its combination of a big cutting tone, a gorgeous low end, supportive altissimo, and ease of play has made me a convert. Playing the sax just became more fun! Thanks Jody!”

Don Moran

“I have been playing on the mouthpiece for a week now but really, it took all of 10 minutes to decide that this was by far, the best bass sax mouthpiece I have ever played! Smooth and responsive. It makes the behemoth that is a bass sax play like a great tenor. Thanks and now I am wondering why I took so long to decide to try your great product!”

Doug Jackson

“I have a Jody DV mouthpiece for my King tenor,Buescher 400 alto, and my King Saxello and the sound that comes out is clearwith no stuffiness! Three wonderful acquisitions!”

Laura Dreyer