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Adam Carrillo

” Hello Mr. Espina! I’ve been playing on the DV NY for a few weeks now…and I must say it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t thank you enough! I will definitely spread the word to my fellow sax-playing friends about this mouthpiece! “

Jose Acevedo

” The DV NY Alto # 5 that I recently bought is worth every dollar I paid for it. The warmth and beauty of sound is incredible. It’s a dream to play my alto sax (Yamaha YAS 62-II) with a metal mouthpiece of such excellent quality and beautiful execution. Congratulations on such an excellent product and you will always have me as a loyal customer of JodyJazz Mouthpieces. “

Paul Bavington

“I’m the band director who left his Drivers license with you guys at FMEA this year. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I’m now playing a DV NY 5 as my main alto piece. I absolutely love the control and sound I have with this piece. I’ve been searching for an alto piece for several years ever since my prized Jon Van Wie recfaced Meyer met an untimely end on a stage floor. The DV NY gives me the sound and response I had with that piece with the added bonus that it is replaceable should the worst happen again. My 3 horns are now JodyJazz setups with DV NY’s on alto and bari and an ESP on tenor (although I’m saving nickles and dimes to try the DV CHI and NY for tenor someday as well. My stable also includes a JJ coffee mug. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you in Tampa again in January! Regards, “

Michael Jablonski

” Hi Jody, Thanks for the masterclass in Cologne! You joked about having a midlife crisis and the wish to drive a Ferrari. I still don`t know the feeling of driving a Ferrari, but now – after playing the JodyJazz DV NY Alto 5- I can imagine… The Mouthpiece plays perfectly, it allows me to play faster and with more precision. But the most important thing of all: I got MY sound that I heard in my head, that I have looked for so long! I can play smoothy, jazzy and funky in the way I love it. Thanks for this!!! Your work is perfect! At the first seesion with my band I played a solo over Take 5 and the guitarman told me: “Wow, your sound gives me goose bumps :-))) Thanks and best regards from Germany, “

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