DV NY Tenor 6

Jerry Vejmola

“The new DV NY really captures the sound of the early Otto Links and Dukoffs with less resistance and much more ease of blowing. What a great mouthpiece. Thanks again,”

Tom Macleod

” Hi there, This truly is the best mouthpiece I have ever played, and is exactly the jazz sound I was looking for. I am amazed at how well it responds in the lower register, as I have had trouble with a good sound all through the sax. It looks brilliant, simply a great piece, and such quick delivery. I can praise you and the mouthpiece no end, so i will just say thank you so, so much for such a great sounding mouthpiece. I have a feeling I have found what I will be playing for life! Thank you again, “

Bob Chapell

” Dear Jody: I just received the DV NY #6 Tenor mouthpiece I ordered and it gives me exactly what I’m looking for; a big sound with minimum effort. After all, at age 70, one doesn’t have a great deal of excess wind-power and energy. The response throughout the horn is great, but I’m amazed at the response in the lower range. I’ve never been able to “get” below a “D” without really attacking the note; not a good thing for ballads. With your DV NY, I’m able to get ’em all and play tunes I’ve resisted playing in the past. Lastly, while the mouthpiece amplifies the brightness of my new Yanagisawa 992, it’s absolutely wonderful on my “old friend”, a 1953 “The Martin” tenor. As in life, sometimes old friends are best. “

Frank Doblekar

” Hello Jody, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for this great mouthpiece. All I feel is FINALLY. I enjoy playing all of the mouthpieces you have made for me, but this one is extra special. So many metal pieces were too bright when pushed and others lack body, harmonics or have turbulance issues. This baby plays easy and I can use harder reeds which is really a bonus for me personally. It is really inspiring me to practice and go for the sound again. Thank you and I wish you all continued success. Sincerely, “

Jason Quiroga

” Thank you so much for allowing me to try these mouthpieces. I am going to keep the DVNY. I will send the others back this afternoon. Thank you again for your awesome service. I have told several saxophonists about the quality of your products and the level of service. Hopefully they’ll try too. Have a great day, “

Roger Salles