Nicholas Hudson on the JET Tenor

“Was struggling with my Tenor Saxophone sound then I got the JodyJazz JET but was still missing something so I switched from my synthetic reeds to a Vandoren green box reeds. This mouthpiece and reed combo makes my saxophone sound so good from top to bottom. It’s a bright powerful tone but still sounds like a jazz mouthpiece. I highly recommend this mouthpiece and if you still feel like something is missing due what I did and change your reed! I now have one on the way for my alto as well!”

Quincy Ave. Rhythm Band

“From our very first rehearsal after receiving our JodyJazz Jet mouthpieces the difference was clear. I no longer had to ask the rhythm section to lower their volume, as the horns cut through the mix with little effort! Their tone was exactly what I was looking for, their intonation was on point, and the kids all had smiles on the faces.”