SUPER JET Tenor – JULY 2018

SUPER JET Tenor – MAY 2018

Daniel Jones on the Super Jet Tenor 10*

Just received the mouthpiece today and instantly started playing it. This is by far the best mouthpiece I have every played. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the JodyJazz Jet… But this… The JodyJazz Super Jet Tenor has far exceeded my expectations. Just like the the JodyJazz Jet it has the nice bottom end, but the precision and design up into altissimo truly make this JodyJazz Super Jet Tenor. Thank you!

Richard Ullman on the Super Jet Tenor

Jody, Awesome mouthpiece. “Step aside and unleash the power of the Super Jet mouthpiece. Let your spirit soar”. I had so much fun playing this mouthpiece, I didn’t want to put it down. I could concentrate on content, period. I was able to keep my embouchure in a neutral position and just play. So much coming out of the horn, volume, power and control. I could also back off and play it quietly. Bottom of the horn great. Altissimo great. For me, it’s all there now. This tenor mouthpiece gives me everything I want and plays so much better then any others I have ever owned or tried. It’s like a DV on steroids. Great addition to Jody Jazz Mouthpiece. Thank you. Sincerely, Rich Ullman – Maine, USA