Cristian Romero

Cristian Romero on the SUPER JET Alto 7

"My SUPER JET mouthpiece is killing! I’m really in love with it. I had never played a mouthpiece like this one, it is very easy to play all over the register. Finally, I’ve found my sound: The SUPER JET."

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Cristian Romero Biography

Peruvian musician, composer, and educator Cristian Romero graduated from the Carlos Valderrama Conservatory of Music as a Professional Saxophonist, holding degrees in both Music Education and a Bachelor's degree.

Cristian is an endorser of important global brands such as JodyJazz, Legere Reeds, The Growling Sax / Victory Music Instruments. Throughout his professional musical career, he has shared the stage and participated in recording sessions with different national and international musicians such as: Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangell, Kaori Kobayashi, Michael Lington, Oscar Stagnaro, César Correa, Mercado Negro, Dennis Dove, Iván Chávez, Pepe Alva, and more, establishing himself as a key figure in Trujillo's music scene, particularly in Jazz Fusion.

Cristian has served as a special guest, offering Master Classes and performances at various global events, including PERÚ SAX and the Arequipa Sax Fest, which attract top saxophonists and musicians from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico, and the USA. Additionally, he has directed acclaimed groups in Trujillo and nationwide, including Latin Soul Salsa Fusion, Café Jazz, and the renowned Rock Band Vertigo. Notably, he organized and participated in the II Jazz Festivals in Trujillo.

In January 2019, Cristian released his debut Jazz Fusion solo album titled 'Groovy Night,' featuring collaborations with world-class musicians like César Correa, Kokiman Romero, Javier Linares, Felipe Pumarada, Gigio Parodi, Alvaro Sovero, showcasing his versatility across genres such as AfroPeruano, Jazz, Funk, and more. Currently, he is an active member of YouSalsa, a well-known Salsa group in Peru, having performed with the esteemed Tony Sucar, a Latin Grammy Winner.

In January 2021, Cristian represented Peru and the international brands he endorses at the NAMM SHOW - Believe in Music (Virtual Show), the premier event in the music industry. In November 2021, he participated in SAXPERIENCE in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in May 2023, he was invited to the Cali Sax festival in Colombia.

As an educator, Cristian is a Professor of Music at the esteemed Colegio León Pinelo, affiliated with the Association of Jews in Peru, and at the Da Vinci University of Guatemala. He has significantly contributed to the development of numerous young Peruvian musicians and conducts online classes for musicians from various countries. For the past five years, he served as the Director of the Big Band at the renowned Sir Alexander Fleming school and the Big Band Jazz Juvenil de Sinfonía por el Perú, a project led by the renowned Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flores, a pivotal initiative in the country.

For the last five years, Cristian served as the Head of the Music Department at the prestigious Sir Alexander Fleming College in Trujillo, focusing on the International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE curricula, two of the most significant educational frameworks globally for students in Secondary Education.

Cristian Romero Biografía:
Músico, compositor y educador peruano. Egresado del Conservatorio de Música Carlos Valderrama como Saxofonista Profesional y Licenciado en Educación Musical.

Endorser de importantes marcas a nivel mundial como JodyJazz Mouthpieces, Legere Reeds, y The Growling Sax/Victory Music Instruments. A lo largo de su carrera musical profesional, ha compartido escenario y ha participado en sesiones de grabación con diferentes músicos nacionales y de talla internacional cómo: Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangell, Kaori Kobayashi, Michael Lington, Oscar Stagnaro, César Correa, Mercado Negro, Dennis Dove, Iván Chávez, Pepe Alva, etc; Siendo uno de los referentes más importantes de la música en Trujillo, sobre todo en el ámbito del Jazz Fusión. Ha participado como invitado especial ofreciendo Master Class y conciertos en los más importantes eventos de saxofón del país PERÚ SAX y el Arequipa Sax Fest, eventos que reúnen no sólo a los mejores saxofonistas del país si no también a músicos de otros países como Brasil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico, USA, etc. Ha dirigido diferentes agrupaciones reconocidas en la ciudad y en el país, como Latin Soul Salsa Fusion (Reconocida banda de Salsa Fusión, la primera en su género) Café Jazz, organizador y participante de los II Festivales de Jazz en la ciudad de Trujillo.
Director de la reconocida Banda de Rock Vértigo.En enero del 2019 lanzó su primer disco como solista de Jazz Fusión titulado ‘Groovy Night’ donde participan músicos de talla mundial como César Correa, Kokiman Romero, Javier Linares, Felipe Pumarada, Gigio Parodi, Alvaro Sovero y muchos más, un disco que demuestra la versatilidad y el gusto por los diferentes géneros musicales como el AfroPeruano, Jazz, Funk, etc.

En Enero del 2021 se presenta en el NAMM SHOW - Believe in Music, el evento más importante en la industria de la música, representando a Perú y a las Marcas Internacionales que representa en el país, The Growling Sax y Victory Music Instruments. En Noviembre del 2021, participó en el SAXPERIENCE, en Sao Paulo-Brasil; y en el 2023 participó en el CALI SAX FESTIVAL, en la ciudad de Cali en Colombia.

Como educador, ahora es jefe del departamento de Artes en el importante Colegio Fleming College, en dónde enseña el programa del Diploma y prepara a los estudiantes para los exámenes internacionales de IGCSE. Tiene sesiones de clases online dirigidas a músicos de distintos países. Los últimos 5 años ha sido Director de la Big Band del reconocido colegio Sir Alexander Fleming, y de la Big Band Jazz Juvenil de Sinfonía por el Perú, proyecto que encabeza el reconocido tenor peruano Juan Diego Flores, proyecto de gran importancia en Perú.

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