Warmth & Beauty

JodyJazz HR* Tenor

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What is the HR* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece?

The HR* is a hard rubber saxophone mouthpiece aimed at professionals and students looking for a traditional versatile mouthpiece. High quality control standards, a beautiful warm sound and a nice free blowing feel make these new mouthpieces amazing players. We feel that this mouthpiece may be the best hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece on the market.

Warmth & Beauty

We use only genuine, authentic Hard Rubber so the HR* Series has the look, feel and sound of the vintage hard rubber sax mouthpieces that have always been the most highly sought after. The mouthpieces are faced on a special facing machine and then meticulously hand finished and play tested.

Three Goals in Creating the HR* Series of Saxophone Mouthpieces
  1. To offer the most tradtional style of jazz saxophone mouthpiece: round chamber hard rubber, and demand and obtain the most rigourous quality control possible.
  2. To create a free blowing hard rubber mouthpiece that allows the lowest and highest notes to speak with equal ease.
  3. To make a hard rubber sax mouthpiece that can sound beautiful, but also give good strong projection when necessary.
JodyJazz HR* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece as demonstrated by Jody Espina
George Garzone Plays HR* Tenor (Excerpt from "The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach")
David Beecroft Plays the JodyJazz HR* 8* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
JodyJazz HR* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Price: $199

The mouthpiece comes with a Rico H Ligature & Cap, deluxe mouthpiece pouch. Free domestic USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling included. (Click "Buy Now" button to see overseas shipping).

$199.00Buy Now

JodyJazz HR* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
  • C* = .080
  • 5* = .085
  • 6* = .095
  • 7 = .100
  • 7* = .105
  • 8 = .110
  • 8* = .115
  • 9* = .125
  • 10* = .135
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What Does The HR* Do?
  • Beautiful Warm Tone
  • Free Blowing
  • Reed Friendly
  • Blends Well
  • Power and Projection
  • Traditional to Modern Sound
How Does The HR* Do It?
  • Genuine Hard Rubber Formula
  • Round Medium Chamber
  • Even Rails & Tip
  • Individually Play Tested by Jody Espina
  • Unparalleled Quality Control
  • Hand Finished Baffle, Tip Rail and Table
  • Play tested by Jody Espina

The HR* tenor sax mouthpiece is a round chamber mouthpiece which provides a round sound in contrast to a more focused sound which a square chamber provides. This allows the HR* to sound very pretty and the medium chamber allows the piece to have very good projection when pushed.

Players who now or in the past have played Otto Link, Meyer, Bari, Vandoren, Yanigisawa, or any of the straight ahead hard rubber Jazz mouthpieces out there will be sure to love The JodyJazz HR*. The differences come from our particular facing curve, the exact size and shape of the chamber and our commitment to quality control.

I have found that many players who have been playing a hard rubber tenor sax mouthpiece for many years are in need of a replacement (due to wear and tear) and do not know where to turn. We have had many many converts who came from playing the most popular hard rubber Jazz pieces. These players are almost always surprised at the quality and consistency of JodyJazz hard rubber tenor mouthpieces.

Special Notes on The HR* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Expect the JodyJazz HR* tenor sax mouthpiece to play just slightly brighter than traditional Otto Links and Meyers. This is due to the slightly smaller chamber. Many different sounds are possible on the JodyJazz HR* hard rubber tenor mouthpieces. For example: For Classical playing try our C* or 5* model with a relatively hard reed. For a sound similar to Stan Getz use a HR* 5*, 6* or 7 with a harder reed than you might normally use. Play softly and you will hear that beautiful sound with a hint of air it. For a sound more like Sonny Rollins us a 6*, 7*, or 8* with a softer reed to get that nice jazzy buzz in the sound. ( These are just the broadest suggestions. The real answer about sound is for you to experiment and find out what works for you.)

Just purchased a Tenor DV and an HR mpc for my late model Mark VI from wwbw. I want to share my experience with you.
I use the HR when playing along with my sax students but the DV is for me.
Like most sax players the perfect mpc is the holy grail............I know you've heard this many times. I was reluctant to switch from my Sugal which I've played for years but was frustrated with a weak low end and inconsistent altisimo. So I gambled and tried your 7* DV which is not as open as my Sugal at 118. But I wanted a fatter and more reliable low end. The DV came through. It took a little experimenting with reeds. My broken in reeds didn't play very well and I realized that a stiffer reed was required. I'm using Alexander and Rico Jazz #3. They do the job. I do a smooth/contemporary jazz gig and the projection is great and amazingly the speed of my playing has greatly improved. The notes seem to pop out almost before I hit them. The stuffiness of middle D is gone. I thought it was a leak in the horn or just the nature of my "VI". But I now have a solid middle D !! I'm also discovering improved intonation on palm keys and higher. Truly a great mpc. For the HR I found a good set up using Alexander NY reeds. It's a sweet mpc, very versatile, but I need to spend more time with it.


Frank Zona, El Paso, Texas

Hi Jody,
I work part time in a saxophone store, so get to play A LOT of different brands of mouthpieces. I've tried everything out there and they've all been a disappointment. Your pieces were recommended to me by a friend and I've been wanting to try one ever since. In all honesty, I was expecting to play this Jody Jazz for a few minutes and end up having to 'put it in the drawer'. How wrong could I have been!! Wow... this is the best playing mouthpiece I have ever tried. It sounds beautiful, dark, traditional but with some edge when you push it. It's exactly what I was looking for in a mouthpiece and more! Sincere thanks for your advice and time spent dealing with my order. I will be telling all my friends and colleagues about your work, as well as all of the customers at the saxophone store. I am truly stunned by this great mouthpiece and am very grateful to you. I will take it on the gig tonight... and many more to come, I'm sure.
Thanks you!

Simon Kaylor, England

Hi Jody,

This is Matt Renzi. Just wanted to drop you a line about the Hard Rubber '8' piece you laid on me last May when I came down to the factory with George Garzone. It's fantastic and I've been using it the whole time since then (recorded 6 CDs with it so far!) The latest one that's gonna come out is my CD "Lunch Special"
I put a track up off that CD for you to check out on my site ... It's called 'Circolazione.' Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon.

Matt Renzi
Visit Website Here.

What can I say? I LOVE this mouthpiece. It's got guts, it's got growl, it's got altissimo...and it's got perfect intonation. I have never been happy with my Mk VI tenor because of intonation problems, but, baby, they're gone. I love this piece!

Steve, Missouri

Hey Jody! Just a quick note, apparently Ritchie Perez contacted you and you sent two pieces to him an 8* and a 7*. Well, got the chance to play 'em, the 7* played so good I had to keep it, nice job man! I've got a couple of killer hand faced hr pieces(Link, Brihart Ebolin from the 50s) and I gotta say your piece plays as good as those. Can you tell me if these are stock pieces or did ya hand pick these?They play great, would highly recommend to students and anyone looking for a good hr piece. Anyway, I'm definitely set for a hr piece, thanks man, be cool! By the way, the 8* was a touch big and lost the sizzle of the 7* but a nice piece as well.

Paul Perez, Tower of Power, Smokey Robinson

When I first tried out the new Jody Jazz HR 7*, I noticed an immediate change in my sound. Bigger, and with a little more edge especially in the high register. Wow! That's exactly what I’ve been looking for. After trying out all kinds of mouthpieces I finally found the one. Thanks Jody!

Ivan Renta, New York, NY

I just got the mouthpiece yesterday after about a week of searching for the right mouthpiece. WOW! What a difference! I'm a high school student in a jazz band and sax quartet and have been looking for this sound since I started playing, round, rich, big, and above all, easy to play even with worn out, several month old reeds. I tried it out in a music store against 3 others which are now irrelevant - I was sold from my first note! The HR* is not only a mouthpiece, it is a masterpiece!

Brian Rutscher, Stillwater, MN

Hi Jody,
I received the mouthpiece today; it's excellent, very dark, lots of sound, great articulation. I'm keeping it. You are under charging for sure. You came highly recommended by Jerry Bergonzi. I see why. Next time I'm in New York, I'd like to make an appointment with you, if possible, to play some more. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Take Care,


Hi Jody,
I want you to know how this mouthpiece fits me. I didn't know it before, you know I believe that you search for one sound but suddenly you try a setup and understand that it is YOUR sound and that's what happened with this terrific mouthpiece. Thanks to do such a good job!

Alain Goldfarb

There's not much to say. Jody Jazz HR* is probably the best mouthpiece ever.

Duan Vukmirovia, Boston MA

Dear Jody,
On your recommendation I tried the HR* 6*, 7, and 7*. I kept the 7, and I love it!
My sound on my Otto Link 6* hard rubber is somewhat stuffy and very dark, to the point where my sound was jokingly described by my teacher as a "warm blanket." Comforting, but not attention-grabbing.
With the HR* piece, the sound is much louder, more focused, and brighter (in a good way). The tonal center of each note is more "solid", while the overall timbre is delightful and complex.
I really love it! Thanks for making a great mouthpiece. I will definitely recommend your products to others.

Michael Chimenti, Greenbrae CA

After years looking for the right Tenor-Mouthpiece it seems that the search gets to an end: Even if I'm not a Hardrubber player, I tried the 7* HR JodyJazz and was convinced from the very beginning: I never had such a balanced mouthpiece with a really beautiful sound and this projection! Congratulations!!

Thomas Hammer, Northrhein-Westfalia Germany

i played a dukoff d7 vor ages - by accident i had the chance to try your HRs - i just love them! why? the 6M i own gives me a veery great flexibility in sound-expression. then i tried the HR 8 on tenor: it will replace my meyer M6 😉 great response, very rich sound for a hard rubber mtpc - i tried the metal ones to, but i like the HR more, even when playing fusion stuff:-) i use both HRs with harry hartmann's fiberreed reeds. a fantastic combination btw! thx!

Roland G-SAX Graf, Zurich Switzerland