Ted Hitchens on the HR* Tenor 6*

Mark.G on the HR* Tenor 6*

Rony Monzón on the HR* Tenor 6*

Alexander on the HR* Tenor 6*

Ed on Tenor HR* 6*

Laura Voss on Tenor HR* 6*

Lisa G. on HR* Tenor and Power Ring

Richard George on the HR* Tenor 6*

Michael Chimenti

Dear Jody, On your recommendation I tried the HR* 6*, 7, and 7*. I kept the 7, and I love it! My sound on my Otto Link 6* hard rubber is somewhat stuffy and very dark, to the point where my sound was jokingly described by my teacher as a “warm blanket.” Comforting, but not attention-grabbing. With the HR* piece, the sound is much louder, more focused, and brighter (in a good way). The tonal center of each note is more “solid”, while the overall timbre is delightful and complex. I really love it! Thanks for making a great mouthpiece. I will definitely recommend your products to others. Sincerely, Michael

Charles Pillow

“I’ve been playing the HR* Tenor 6* mouthpiece for 10 years now, and have been in a lot of different musical situations and it always feels right. It’s got the right balance of warmth and brilliance, light and dark. Easy response and very reed friendly. Thank you, Jody” “On alto, I play the DVNY 6. I’m looking for less edge and more warmth and this mouthpiece has that. The low notes are responsive, full bodied and the overall tone of the mouthpiece is smooth and beautiful. Another great mouthpiece!”