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JodyJazz DV

Enrico Galante

“Dear Jody I just received the DV7 for Alto from your B STOCK. The package was well put together and the piece looked impeccable. For the last 2 months I have been playing on the JODY JAZZ CLASSIC 6 mouthpiece. Very good but I was missing the bite and the free blowing. When I put the DV7 on my horn WOW !!!!!!! It called me out and everyone in my home. This mouthpiece is absolutely brilliant. It exceeded my expectations. I have just recently been endorsed by P Mauriat Saxophones here in Toronto Canada. I needed a piece that would make that horn GO FOR THE SOUND, and Jody the DV7 was the one. I am so impressed that I think I will order another one for my Tenor. I would be honored if I could become a Jo

JodyJazz DV

Jeff Kashiwa

Tanique Fossa

“Dear Jody, I’ve been playing the JodyJazz DV #7 for last two and a half years and since than I forgot the meaning of “bad response”. The DV gives me confidence in any acoustic situation. I can play on the edge of silence and I can be as loud as I need to be with no lack of control. The JJ DV gives me a bright powerful contemporary sound, which fits perfectly with the kind of music I play. Thank You for Your Work and Passion.”

Laura Dreyer

“I’m really glad that you turned me on to your JodyJazz alto mouthpiece. I am very impressed with the dynamic range that I am able to get on it. The mouthpiece allows me to play strong and bright when necessary, without sacrificing the ability to play extremely soft and subtone, all with a nice fat sound that feels very even throughout the entire range of the horn. In addition, I am able to get both a bright and dark sound at the same time. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my sound since I’ve been playing the JodyJazz alto #7. You rock and your mouthpieces rock!” “Jody, I absolutely love the power ring. It feels really incredible – what a difference!”

Miles Osland

“My Jody Jazz DV7 provides me with a huge palette of sonorities with great ease of accessibility.”

Ray Smith

“After so many years of playing other mouthpieces, it is amazing to me that the JodyJazz Mouthpieces play with such a huge, full sound and yet are so responsive and easy to play. The mouthpieces have given me a whole new zest for playing, and I can hardly put the horn down once I get started. Thanks, Jody!!”

Jeff Kashiwa

“Every sax player searches for the ultimate mouthpiece. Over the years I have collected a shoe box full of them! My search ended when I tried the Jody Jazz DV Tenor 7* for my tenor sax. I’m able to control the pitch and tonal center from altissimo down to low Bb. It has all the the projection and power I need for contemporary music with the warmth and control that a jazz balled requires. Jody, thanks for ending my search!” “The JodyJazz HR* CUSTOM DARK mouthpieces for tenor and alto have the sound I’ve been wanting for years. In the past I have played the Jody Jazz DV 7* tenor and DV 7 alto metal mouthpieces. They are great pieces, but I have been wanting the ability to go even darker, richer and warmer with my tone particularly in the studio and on straight ahead jazz gigs. The HR* CUSTOM DARK mouthpieces have a perfect balance of responsiveness and even resistance through the entire range of the horn through the altissimo. Most importantly they produce a warm yet detailed sound that is very inviting. Simply put, I love playing them!” “Jody, You complete me;) Man, it’s as if you are reading my mind and making exactly what I want! The Custom Dark Soprano 7* blows easily with a warm core and solid intonation. Love it!”

Andy Snitzer

“I’ve been searching for 20 years for a mouthpiece that offers a modern sound and power without sacrificing pitch and control. Finally I’ve found my answer: The JodyJazz DV!”

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