Anil Şalliel

“The DV series offers great design and great craftsmanship. For any style of music, the sound range is very beautiful. I love the hand work and the finish, I can say the same about the POWER RING Ligature.” “You can play both jazz and funk with the HR* series and the altissimo is excellent without having to overblow. Take care of your mouthpiece because each one is hand-crafted…..a beautiful and great mouthpiece”

Lorenzo Ferrero

“My DVNY 10* is an absolute gem, it’s been by my side for over 4 years playing styles as varied as Jazz, funk, salsa, rock, etc. It’s gorgeous dark and warm sound makes it perfect for an intimate situation but it also gives me the versatility to play with a lot of projection and brighten the sound with my embouchure. Every time I try another mouthpiece, I always go back to my DVNY 10* and instantly feel I’m at home. Thank you for the master work, Jody.”

Kunikazu Tanaka

“JodyJazz mouthpieces have both power and delicacy all saxophonists long for.”

Ryan Burrage

“Jody, as you can recall you sent me the Ruby Red JodyJazz Clarinet mouthpiece #8 with the spoiler. After playing around with that one, I then went with a Ruby Red #9 with the spoiler. All I can say is this is a great mouthpiece. You’ve known me for some time and know that I have been heavily influenced by the old New Orleans Albert system clarinet players (Dodds, Bechet, Bigard, etc) so I prefer the more open tip. I’ve never played a mouthpiece with a very open tip which was consistently easy to play throughout the whole range of the horn: from low E to double high E!!! I can push the mouthpiece enough to play forcefully, and it subtones nice in the low register quite well. Thanks Jody, and keep up the great work!”

Greg Thomas

“I love the effortless smoothness, power, and tone of these mouthpieces”