Kunikazu Tanaka

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Kunikazu Tanaka's Biography in English and Japanese

Kunikazu Tanaka is a Japanese saxophonist and a composer born in 1966.
Although he is best-known as a saxophonist from soprano to baritone, he also plays woodwind instruments. Learning saxophone during high school years and all the way to college, he showed a prominent talent in performing the instrument. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he once became a company employee. However, spending a few years as a company man, he re-realised his passion and desire to music and decided to become a full-time musician. Ever since, he has been involving with a wide range of music such as jazz, pops, rock, film music, improvisation and more and has been performing with various musicians from young to big-name besides from solo performance. It has been said of his performance, “Tanaka has his own style of overlooking music which resulted from his perspective trying to pursue his own sound in any genre of music”. Collaborating with various singers who value the importance of melody and composition, and improvising in order to pursue the potential of each instrument, he has been establishing a unique musical world both physically and cerebrally, which can be listened in his recordings. (solo and large instrumentation) Besides from performances at major domestic jazz clubs and concert halls, he has performed at festivals inside and outside the country such as Fuji Rock, Monterey, London and New York. In recent years, he is showing a great interest in Japanese instruments as well as Middle Eastern folk instruments and started to take them into his performance.




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