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Adalberto Baldini on the DV NY Tenor 7*

Paul Schneidmill on the DV NY Tenor 7*

Lance Bryant

“I absolutely love playing on my Jody Jazz HR #8! This piece has chiaroscuro (in singing, the blending of bright and dark), so I don’t have to trade one quality for the other. It whispers, it screams, it cuts, it articulates. I find the HR to be very expressive and right there with me in every musical situation.”

Josh Kemp

“My JodyJazz DV NY Tenor 7* combines a full and elegant tone with powerful projection, which allows complete freedom of expression. It has an exceptionally free blowing response, on which I never have to strain to get the sound I want throughout the entire range of the instrument. A perfect match for my Selmer Balanced Action tenor.”

Kieth Loftis

“Jody’s DV NY mouthpiece is extremely balanced, warm, and easy to play. I can create so many colors in my sound now and it allows me speak with a warm beautiful lyrical quality that I’ve been searching for. I find that the Rico Jazz Select Reeds works great with my DV NY. Jody makes a killin’ mouthpiece!! Check it out!”

Jeremy Heal

” Dear Jody, Thank you very much indeed for recommending the DV NY7* for my Selmer tenor. I thought you’d like to know that it’s the most satisfying, responsive, warm and flexible mouthpiece I’ve ever played; I’ve been playing tenor for 50 years, and I’ve had Berg Larsen, OttoLink, Ponzol, Vandoren and Yanigasawa mouthpieces, but this beats them all hands down! I’ve just done a gig with it, and it gave me every note just as I asked it, with consistent tone from the top to the bottom. It really is a mouthpiece for a lifetime. (I use Marca Jazz 3 reeds). With kind regards, “

Harry Saunders

” Jody – I want to thank you… and commend you, on the creation of the DVNY mouthpiece. I have just recently purchased my DVNY 7 and already love the tone and control it provides. I had played a Berg Larsen metal 100/2/M for over 40 years on my Mark VI, and your DVNY is the first mouthpiece that has warranted me buying it. Guess that sums it up! A H (Harry) Saunders “

Mike DiPasquale

I’ve played on tons of tenor mouthpieces over the years and I was never happy with any of them (too bright, too dead, too hot, etc.) but I’ve really found my tenor voice through your mouthpiece. Thanks for taking so much pride in your products! Feel free to quote this email if you think it could help you.

Justo Almario

“The JodyJazz DV NY Tenor mouth piece gives me the quality of sound that I’ve been looking for in projection, intonation and timber. It has an amazing tone and blows freely with zero resistance.”

Keith Loftis

JodyJazz endorser, Keith Loftis plays JodyJazz DV NY on his new album “Simply, Loftis”. CD is available to purchase from or iTunes.

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