Image of Vinicius Chagas playing the JodyJazz Giant

Vinicius Chagas

“I often play the fourth and fifth octaves. If the reed is too soft, it shuts the opening and you don’t reach the notes. And, also, if the mouthpiece is too open, you might get tired. Then, to me, that is why the JodyJazz GIANT Tenor 8* is ideal; the tip opening is not too large and neither is it too small, so that I can play the different pitches without getting tired. I can play a soft reed and reach all the pitches.”

Sal Crocker

“Sound is arguably one of the most critical elements of performance! The JodyJazz Giant allows me to express my inner voice, it has a certain complexity to it that inspires creativity. When you feel better about your sound, you play better! I can comfortably rest in the music, leave space and enjoy the resonance of my own voice without forcing things. Equipment and setup are an essential part of producing a good sound. The JodyJazz Giant gives me the freedom to shape my sound, it plays like a rubber mouthpiece, not edgy, but yet, and unlike most hard rubber pieces, it’s robust and powerful. I can play a ballad at a very soft dynamic level and also push it without limits.”