The new HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto model is our most beautiful sounding and playing Alto piece, and the darkest sounding hard rubber mouthpiece in our range. Our proprietary Chedeville® Rubber imparts a rich warm sound and the rounded sidewalls add complexity on top of the core sound. A large round chamber puts the timbre in a warm dark zone and the inspired addition of the thick heavy gold plated brass band on the shank boosts the amount of harmonics in the sound.

This mouthpiece does not come with a ligature or a cap. Your current ligature (if you have a hard rubber mouthpiece) should fit, but for upgrades on the ligature you can look here at our POWER RING Ligatures The POWER RING HRA1 Minus – Gold and HRA1S Minus –  Silver models are made specifically for the HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto mouthpiece. You can also take a look here at our H-Ligatures option as well.

Available Tip Openings: 4 (.066), 5 (.072), 6 (.078), 7 (.083), 8 (.090), 9 (.100)

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