Owing to very significant increases in demand for the DV, DV NY and DV CHI models, we are currently experiencing an extraordinarily high level of backorders for these products. Consequently, we will not be accepting any new orders for these models until the backorders are back to a manageable level. As a result of this you might find that some JodyJazz dealers are temporarily out of stock of these models. We want to assure you that this is no fault of our dealers. We are focusing our production on reducing the backorders as quickly as possible and we expect all these models to be fully available again in just a few months time.

February 2009 Issue

“Virtuoso mouthpiece craftsman Jody Espina expands into the instructional DVD market with The Music of George Garzone & the Triadic Chromatic Approach, a comprehensive presentation of the ideas behind the music of Berklee and New England Conservatory instructor George Garzone…”

June 2008 Issue

In general, my saxophone mouthpieces are like airport security: metal is usually not encouraged. It’s not that I dislike the sound of metal. In fact, I do like it, especially in contemporary settings. It’s just that metal mouthpieces come at a cost—more on that later. Yet if anyone is capable of changing my view, it’s Jody Espina (a.k.a. JodyJazz). I have had the pleasure of playing and reviewing a number of JodyJazz mouthpieces, including the inaugural offering from the DV and DVNY lines (both tenor mouthpieces). So reviewing two “siblings” (a DVNY alto mouthpiece and a DV baritone model) was not so much about testing the abilities of the design, but rather transposing the idea to other saxophones.

March 2007 Issue

“Lets face it; a mouthpiece maker has a finite amount of time in the spotlight—just think of names like Dukoff, Guardala, Sugal, Barone, Gregory, etc. Jody Espina, on the other hand, has enjoyed an uncommonly long day in the sun for a mouthpiece manufacturer.”

January 2004 Issue

“I have to admit that I have an addition. No, not to drugs or alcohol. I have an addiction to saxophone mouthpieces. Be they stock, custom, silver, gold, hard rubber, vintage, new-you name the mouthpiece, I have either owned it or tried it. But I know I’m not alone. If you’re reading this, chances are you have the addiction too…”

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