Ed Beleck

Hi Jody,

My name is Ed Beleck and several months back I purchased a Jet mouthpiece from you. I just recently held a jam session at our house for all the neighbors in our neighborhood and this was the first gig I have played out with the mouthpiece since I purchased it and the response was unbelievable!!!
I had numerous people afterwards come over to me and say how much they loved the sound. I know the player makes the sound but at the same time a mouthpiece is huge contributor to that. I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank you for such an awesome Mouthpiece!!! It plays through all the scales with ease and sounds so clear. You definetely have a fan for life. With that said could I please request an autograph Jody? it would truly mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the great work!!!


Ed Beleck

Chuck White on the SUPER JET

Just received my JodyJazz SUPER JET Alto piece today and I am in love! I was using the DV and this piece has more edge but still a sweet, complex sound that will work in a big band or concert band and that can and will scream if you want it too. What an amazing mouthpiece! Thank you Jody – I have finally found my sound.

Baron Raymonde on the SUPER JET

I played one at NAMM….played great!

Greg Yasinitsky on the SUPER JET

Best mouthpieces in the universe, and Jody can REALLY play!!

Caleb Chapman on playing the SUPER JET at NAMM

I told Jody at NAMM..”I’m not leaving Cali without one”. THEY ARE AMAZING! Sax players, you have got to check these out!

Jet Alto 7

Hi Jody. I want to say I bought the Jet 7 Alto mpc a couple weeks ago (after trying that and the Jet 8) and love it. Wish this was out 20 years ago! Great mpc. I had been using a Jumbo Java A55 for the last 15 years. I still can use the same reeds on the jet – jazz selects 3M filed. And I can still sound like me. Great job.

HR* Tenor 7*

HR* Baritone

HR* Soprano

DV Tenor & HR* Tenor

Just purchased a Tenor DV and an HR mpc for my late model Mark VI from wwbw. I want to share my experience with you.
I use the HR when playing along with my sax students but the DV is for me.
Like most sax players the perfect mpc is the holy grail…………I know you’ve heard this many times. I was reluctant to switch from my Sugal which I’ve played for years but was frustrated with a weak low end and inconsistent altisimo. So I gambled and tried your 7* DV which is not as open as my Sugal at 118. But I wanted a fatter and more reliable low end. The DV came through. It took a little experimenting with reeds. My broken in reeds didn’t play very well and I realized that a stiffer reed was required. I’m using Alexander and Rico Jazz #3. They do the job. I do a smooth/contemporary jazz gig and the projection is great and amazingly the speed of my playing has greatly improved. The notes seem to pop out almost before I hit them. The stuffiness of middle D is gone. I thought it was a leak in the horn or just the nature of my “VI”. But I now have a solid middle D !! I’m also discovering improved intonation on palm keys and higher. Truly a great mpc. For the HR I found a good set up using Alexander NY reeds. It’s a sweet mpc, very versatile, but I need to spend more time with it.