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Sandy Gabriel

“My JodyJazz Mouthpieces are amazing! Since I started playing on them my sound completely changed in all registers. For many years this is the sound I was looking for and really feel super comfortable and safe when playing any musical genre especially jazz. I recommend JodyJazz one hundred percent.”

JodyJazz DV

Damian Cremisio

JodyJazz DV

Annette Thorpe

JodyJazz DV

Oswald Knaap

“Dear Sir, I recently bought a JJ DV 8* tenor mouthpiece and it is by far the best mouthpiece I ever played on!(I am 56 and play for about 35 years).What a delight to play. All the things you say about it on your website are true as far as I’m concerned. It is totally free blowing and has an infinite sound and enormous power and projection. Through the whole register there is a rich mixture of fatness and

JodyJazz DV

Gary Honor

“Jody, I’ve been playing on my DV 8* Tenor sax mouthpiece now for a few months and I can’t tell you how great it is. I’ve been recording and it has such a fat sound. Much, much, much better than anything I’ve tried before. Thanks so much for developing such a fantastic product. Be blessed. “

JodyJazz DV

Andy Snitzer

JodyJazz DV

Ed Calle

Fred Vigdor

“I’m not really a mouthpiece guy. I had played on the same mouthpieces for years, and wasn’t one of those cats constantly experimenting with different pieces, but I had a couple of friends, whose opinions I respected, tell me about Jody’s mouthpieces. I tried them and was immediately a convert…”

Michael Burton

“I’m loving the new Tenor Custom Dark. It’s definitely giving me the warm sound that I’ve been looking for. It plays evenly throughout the entire range of the horn, and gives me the perfect amount of resistance to focus my sound.” “The JodyJazz HR 8 is the perfect mouthpiece for me. It allows me to play evenly throughout the entire range of the horn, and consistency creates the tone that I desire to have. I have one for my alto and my tenor. Thanks Jody!” “I’ve been searching for an Alto mouthpiece to roll off some of the high end on my sound. The HR* Custom Dark is that mouthpiece. It gives me the perfect amount of resistance to focus my sound and it takes care of those unwanted high frequencies.”

Ray Smith

“After so many years of playing other mouthpieces, it is amazing to me that the JodyJazz Mouthpieces play with such a huge, full sound and yet are so responsive and easy to play. The mouthpieces have given me a whole new zest for playing, and I can hardly put the horn down once I get started. Thanks, Jody!!”

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