Jim Stranahan

“Jody’s mouthpieces are so free blowing and consistent. I have not seen quality control like this in any other mouthpiece company. These mouthpieces allow me to sound like I want, with the versatility to adjust my sound to the musical situation. Jody truly has a mouthpiece for every player!”

Horie Yusuke

“JodyJazz’s DV NY produces a classical sound because of its proper feeling of resistance, and such a feeling is different from all other metal mouthpieces I have tried. I think the DV NY is a mouthpiece that leads to new possibilities for the saxophone.”

Tom Macleod

“Hi there, This truly is the best mouthpiece I have ever played, and is exactly the jazz sound I was looking for. I am amazed at how well it responds in the lower register, as I have had trouble with a good sound all through the sax. It looks brilliant, simply a great piece, and such quick delivery. I can praise you and the mouthpiece no end, so i will just say thank you so, so much for such a great sounding mouthpiece. I have a feeling I have found what I will be playing for life! Thank you again,”

Jerry Vejmola

“The new DV NY really captures the sound of the early Otto Links and Dukoffs with less resistance and much more ease of blowing. What a great mouthpiece. Thanks again,”

Dino Govoni

“I had the extreme honor and pleasure of being involved with the development of this incredible mouthpiece. It offers me a mouthpiece that has extreme control, volume and response with the tonal quality that I’ve been looking for. It has a bit of the Steve Grossman “center” in the sound with much greater playing ease and evenness than any ‘Link I’ve ever owned or played. If you are looking for a great ‘Link “like” mouthpiece without all of the headaches involved with making a ‘Link play, try the JodyJazz DV NY. I’m sure you’ll love this mouthpiece just as much as I do! Smoking”

Paul Bavington

Jose Acevedo

Adam Carrillo

Logan Richardson

Ornette Coleman