JP on the DV NY Tenor 7

Juhani Heiskanen on the DV NY Tenor 7

Emi on the DV NY Tenor 7

Tran Manh Tuan

“I’m really fell in love with the JodyJazz DV NY from the first time I tried it! As the sax player who plays all kinds of music, I would say the DV NY gives me a big and colorful sound. Thank you so much to JodyJazz for such wonderful work!” Music love. Tran Manh Tuan

Khari Allen Lee

“The Love, Care and Attention to Detail that goes into every Jody Jazz Mouthpiece brings these creations and their technical considerations to the realm of Art. Works like these will be collectors items, and will surely, for posterity, be portals of and amplifiers aiding in the production of the World’s greatest, most moving sounds.”

Gregory W. Yasinitsky

“After trying JodyJazz for fifteen seconds, I knew I had to buy JodyJazz mouthpieces for all of my horns. There are the fabulous JodyJazz mouthpieces, and then there are all the rest. None can compare to JodyJazz. JodyJazz mouthpieces are simply the greatest mouthpieces in the universe! I am proud to play JodyJazz, the mouthpieces played by the greatest saxophonists in the world.”

Gary Mosse

” I picked up my mouthpiece at TMEA this year. In my practice, I found that I could play much better, with less effort, and a better sound immediately. I just finished a week at the VermonÜ Jazz festival where I got many compliments about my sound. Of course I had to really hold back to keep from playing louder than he section… In a session with Jerry Bergonzi, he complimented me on my tone. I’m totally satisfied with this mouthpiece. “