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Edmar Colón

“Wow! Jody is truly a master, your mouthpieces are all great, they play easy, with power, evenness, and beauty.”

Anil Şalliel

“The DV series offers great design and great craftsmanship. For any style of music, the sound range is very beautiful. I love the hand work and the finish, I can say the same about the POWER RING Ligature.” “You can play both jazz and funk with the HR* series and the altissimo is excellent without having to overblow. Take care of your mouthpiece because each one is hand-crafted…..a beautiful and great mouthpiece”

Carlo Conti

“When I play the JodyJazz HR* my problems are over. This mouthpiece allows me to always have the right sound at the right time. It’s fantastic, versatile and ease of emission puts a smile on my face every time I play!!!! I think that it’s the best you can find and manufactured with the love that only a saxophonist can have. Thanks Jody !!!!!!” “Da quando suono con il JodyJazz HR i miei problemi sono finiti,questa imboccatura ti permette di avere sempre il suono giusto al momento giusto per la sua fantastica versatilità, e la facilità di emissione ti mette il sorriso ogni volta che suoni!!!! Secondo me è il migliore che puoi trovare al momento fabbricato con l’amore che solo un sassofonista può avere grazie Jody!!!!!!”

Magnus Lindgren

“My JodyJazz mouthpiece makes me enjoy my own sound. It just feels natural and very flexible. I can play all the different styles I want and still keep my personal sound. I never changed mouthpieces until I tried JodyJazz for the first time.”

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