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Esdras Gallo on JodyJazz Mouthpieces

Esdras Gallo on the JodyJazz HR* Alto 7M.

Long ago I was looking for a sound for the alto sax that could reproduce the sound of a jazzy and pop tone in the same mouthpiece. It is amazing how this mouthpiece manages to darken the sound for a jazz music and also to explore a more aggressive sound for the pop style. I am extremely pleased with the result of the HR * Series.

Esdras Gallo on the JodyJazz HR* Soprano 8*.

I have a preference for a darker sound for the soprano sax and this mouthpiece does just that, it allows a sound without stridency and favors the most severe frequencies, at the same time brings a sophisticated and balanced sound in all octaves for the instrument. Congratulations Jody, your mouthpieces are "hors concours”.

Esdras Gallo Biography

Esdras Gallo


Natural Bragança Paulista - SP, born on May 27, 1966.

He studied music in Conservatories Villa-Lobos and Dramatic São Paulo up to 20 years and honed on saxophone with private studies up to 30 years. He worked for 16 years in the areas of mechanical and electronic engineering as a senior designer products, moving away later to follow up the music.

In 1994 he moved to São Paulo, through working directly with music and choirs. He formed the Coral Renascer and directed the first Live CD

Renascer Praise Group in 1995.

In addition to acting as a saxophonist with the most famous names in gospel music in Brazil, has served as Producer and Arranger Renascer Praise 20 years ago. It has more than 1,800 recordings from CDs, Jingles and Vignettes. Associate Abramus under n° 69344 in the categories of - Phonographic Producer, Author, Performer and Musician. Associate OMB under n° 67789.

As a Saxophonist, his major works include stakes in CD's, DVD's and presentations, with numerous names of Christian Music in Brazil and abroad, such as: Ron Kenoly, Marcos Witt, Paul Wilbur, Bob Fitts, David Quinlan, Danny Berrios, Rique Pantoja, Shekinah Glory ( USA ), Phill Tarver ( USA ), Bp. Marcelo Crivella, Soraya Moraes, Mara Maravilha, Cristina Mel, Jamily, Salgadinho, Gilson Campos, Bp. Marcelo Domingues, David Fantazinni, Asaph Borba, Bp. Gerson Cardoso, Robinson Monteiro, Paulo César Baruk, Fernanda Brum, Kleber Lucas, Benê Gomes, Adhemar de Campos, Ludmila Ferber, Ronaldo Bezerra, Gerson Ortega, Jorge Camargo, Davi Sacer, João Alexandre, Ana Paula Valadão, Nívea Soares, Vencedores por Cristo, André Valadão, Vitorino Silva, Priscila Angel, Shirley Carvalhaes, Kadoshi, Sandrinha,
Massao Suguihara, Marcelo Aguiar, Noemi Nonato, Katsbarnea, Carol Celico, Maurílio Santos, Troad, Comunidade Carisma, Vencedores por Cristo, Thalles Roberto and others.

As Producer * and Arranger, his major works:
* Band Estação Luz - 1995 (Bethesda Church) - Home Studio
* Renascer Praise “Deus é Fiel” (Vol. 3) CD - 1996 - Live at the International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo
* Renascer Praise “Conquista” (Vol. 4) CD - 1997 - Live at the International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo
* De Bem com a Vida CD - 1997 - Dominio Digital Studio
* Renascer Praise “La Uncion” CD - 1999 - Live at the Palace of Conventions Anhembi
* Renascer Praise “A Pesca” (Vol. 6) CD - 1999 - Live at the International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo
* Band Shekinah “Missão Shekinah” CD - 1999 - Live at the Headquarters of the Christian Fellowship Church
* Renascer Praise “Ressurreição” (Vol. 7) CD / DVD - 2000 - Live in Israel in the Beth Shean Arena
* Band Celo - Foursquare Church / Pres. Altino CD - 2000 - Anonimato Studio
* Renascer Praise “Restituição” (Vol. 8) CD / DVD - 2001 - Live at Credicard Hall
* Renascer Praise “Promessa” (Vol. 9) CD / DVD - 2002 - Live at Via Funchal
* Renascer Praise “Renascer” (Vol. 10) CD / DVD - 2003 - Live at the Pacaembú Stadium – with special feature of Shekinah Glory Choir / Chicago
Comunidade Carisma CD - 2003 – Live at the Headquarters of Comunidade Carisma - Osasco
* Renascer Praise “Restauração” (Vol. 11) CD / DVD - 2004 - Live at the Pacaembú Stadium
* Marcelo Aguiar “Coração de Adorador” CD / DVD - 2004 - Live at the International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo
* Renascer Praise “Apostólico” (Vol. 12) CD / DVD - 2005 - Live at the Pacaembú
* Esdras Gallo “Lugares Altos” (Instrumental) CD - 2005 - Dominio Digital Studio
* Renascer Praise “A Colheita” (Vol. 13) CD / DVD - 2006 - Live at the Ibirapuera
* Nakad Group CD / DVD 2006 - Live at the Headquarters of the Churh Assembly of God - Ministry Ipiranga IBAC - CD / DVD - 2006 - Live at the Headquarters of the Baptist Church
* Renascer Praise “A Espera não pode Matar a Esperança” (Vol. 14) CD / DVD - 2007 - Live at the International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo
* Salgadinho “Um Presente de Deus” CD - 2007 (Line Records) - Studio 12
* Renascer Praise “Reinando em Vida” (Vol. 15) CD / DVD - 2008 - Live at the
International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo
Soraya Moraes “Grande é o meu Deus” CD / DVD - 2009 (Line Records) - Live at
Headquarters of Church Casa Firme
* Renascer Praise “Andando sobre as Águas” (Vol. 16) CD / DVD - 2010 (Sony Music) - Live at Museu Paulista (Paulista Museum of USP)
* Carol Celico “Carol Celico” CD / DVD - 2010 (Universal Music) - Nacena Studios
* Marcelo Aguiar “Somente Deus” CD - 2011 (Sony Music) - Studio Mosh / Nacena Studios
* Talita Pagliarin “Amor sem Limites” CD - 2011 (Canzion) - Live at the Headquarters of Church Paz e Vida - SP
* Aliança do Tabernáculo “És Adorado” CD - 2011 (Som Livre) - Live at the Tabernáculo O Brasil para Cristo - SP
Davi Sacer “No Caminho do Milagre” CD / DVD 2011 (Som Livre) - Live at Via Show – Rio de Janeiro
* Renascer Praise “Novo Dia, Novo Tempo” (Vol. 17) CD / DVD - 2012 (Sony Music) - Live at Credicard Hall - SP
* Soraya Moraes “Céu na Terra” CD - 2013 (Sony Music) - Studio 12
* Renascer Praise “Canto de Sião” (Vol. 18) CD / DVD - 2013 (Universal Music) - Live at the Sea of Galilee Riverbanks- Israel
Renascer Praise “Daniel” (Vol. 19) CD / DVD - 2015 (Universal Music) - Live at Credicard Hall - SP
Renascer Praise Israel de Deus” (Vol. 20) CD / DVD - 2016 (Universal Music) - Live at Arena Hall - SP

Trophy “Talent ” / Edition 2006 - Best Instrumental Album - CD Lugares Altos
Trophy “ Talento ” / Edition 2006 - Best Live DVD - Renascer Praise 12 / Apostolic
Grammy Nomination in 2014 - Best Christian Music Album - Renascer Praise 18 / Cantode Sião

Big Productions (highlights)

Year 2000
He attended the first Brazilian Christian DVD recording made in Israel, in the arena of open air theater. The place was Beth Shean National Park, a town 17 km south of the Sea of Galilee. The recording included the preparation of the local production team, as documentary releases, logistics, orchestral strings and hiring tests, sound, stage, lighting, video and post production studio in the city of Jerusalem.

Year 2005
He participated in a mega project, which was recording 3° DVD stadium (Stadium of
Pacaembú) Renascer Praise Group, where he was responsible for the musical production that had its recording broadcast live by Rede Gospel flashes.
There were 4 months of preparation since; repertoire of composition, voice arrangements, brass and strings, pre-production recording studio, trials with a choir composed of more than 10 000 voices, a symphony orchestra with 120 components, choreography formed by 3,500 dancers, all on the scene for recording night, which took place on 7 September 2005. This show received the Trophy Talent Award for Best DVD - 2006.

Year 2007/2008
He produced and directed the CD's / DVD's - Renascer Praise 14/15 recorded live at the International Headquarters of the Church Renascer em Cristo - São Paulo, with the preproduction broadcast live Via Satellite from Miami to São Paulo. It was the first DVD recording in Brazil to use this technology.

Year 2010
Another major project that signed on as producer and arranger, was the live recording of the Renascer Praise 16 - Andando sobre as Águas released by Sony Music on DVD and Bluray happened on holiday April 21, 2010, the Museu Paulista of USP ( Ipiranga Museum ). This show had two special guests André Valadão and Davi Sacer and competed for the award for Best Album, Best Praise Group and DVD by Trophy Promises 2011, broadcast by Rede Globo.

Year 2013
Back in the Holy Land after 13 years, he signed once again the production of 18° CD / DVD “Canto de Sião” Renascer Praise Group, recorded live at Capernaum National Park on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. On the same day there was the morning the First March for Jesus in Israel, which was attended by the Minister of Tourism, Uzi Landau.
This CD was also nominated for a Grammy in 2014 for Best album of Christian Music.



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