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Gonzalo Lubo

Gonzalo Lubo on JodyJazz Mouthpieces

“JodyJazz mouthpieces give me a wide range of options and possibilities to satisfy my needs as an interpreter. It is amazing how I can change the tone at the moment of interpreting different music styles by providing a stable sound in all the sound register.

Another point in favor is the comfort when playing as I don’t find any significant resistance; JodyJazz mouthpieces are very free-blowing so I can play and practice for hours and hours without issues. Indeed, it was a blessing getting to know JodyJazz mouthpieces, it was love at first sight!”.

Quote in Spanish

“Las boquillas JodyJazz me brindan una gama de opciones y posibilidades para satisfacer mis necesidades como interprete. Es impresionante como puedo cambiar de timbre para interpretar diferentes estilos brindando un sonido estable en todo el registro.

Otro punto a favor es la comodidad que tengo al tocar ya que no me opone resistencia, así puedo tocar horas y horas sin desgastarme.” Es una bendición haber conocido las boquillas JodyJazz, fue amor a primera vista!”.

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Gonzalo Lubo Biography

Gonzalo Lubo was born in Polonuevo, Colombia on the 17th of March of 1986, started his musical studies at the age of 11 in his hometown music school, there, he obtained the title as a technologist in Saxophone in the year 2001. On 2004 initiated his professional studies at Universidad del Atlántico in Barranquilla-Colombia, successfully obtaining his bachelor’s degree as a Music Teacher.

Time after he joined Berklee College of Music for his studies in improvisation with the recognized teacher Gary Burton. Also was part of several Barklee Latino programs where had remarkable instructors such as Javier Limón, Oscar Stagnaro, Fernando Michelin, Tim Mayer and Mark Walker among others.

Influenced by Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Free Jazz and having as a reference artists such as Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Erick Marienthal and the great Bob Berg. All this learning was inserted by him on Colombian rhythms and this has lead them to develop his own style and sound.

In his trajectory as a saxophone player he have recorded for different local artists of Colombian music, soundtracks for Colombian television, always identified within the genres of Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop, Rock as well. He have shared stage with remarkable musicians and groups such as Atlántico Big band, Rodrigo Villalón and Friends, Israel Charris Group, Vereda Jazz, Oscar Stagnaro, Justo Almario, Nacho Nieto Trio and Mark Walker among others, having him catalogued as the artist of the new Colombian jazz genre.

Biography in Spanish

Nacido en Polonuevo Atlántico república de Colombia el 17 de Marzo de 1986, inicia sus estudios musicales a la edad de 11 años en la escuela de Música de su pueblo natal, allí obtuvo el título como tecnólogo en saxofón en el año 2001.
En el año 2004 empieza sus estudios profesionales en la facultad de música de la Universidad del Atlántico, titulándose como Licenciado en Música.
Luego realiza estudios de improvisación en Berklee College of music con el gran maestro Gary Burton; también en diferentes ediciones Berklee Latino, allí sus instructores fueron Javier Limón, Oscar Stagnaro, Fernando Michelin, Tim Mayer y Mark Walker.

Influenciado por el Jazz , Smooth Jazz, free Jazz y partiendo de grandes referentes, como Charlie Parker,Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon y Jhon Coltrane hasta MIchael Brecker, Erick Marienthal y el gran Bob Berg.
Todo este aprendizaje lo ha insertado a su folclor colombiano y esto lo ha llevado a crear su propio estilo y sonido.

En su trayectoria como saxofonista ha realizado grabaciones para diferentes artistas nacionales de música tropical colombiana, música para canales de televisión, Jazz, Latin jazz, Pop, Rock, como también ha compartido escenario en diferentes festivales con Atlántico Big Band, Rodrigo Villalón & Friends, Israel Charris Group, Vereda Jazz, Oscar Stagnaro, Justo Almario, Nacho Nieto Trio y Mark Walker, siendo catalogado artista de las nuevas tendencias del jazz colombiano.



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