Nicole Johänntgen

Nicole Johänntgen on the HR* Baritone 7

“On my baritone I play the JodyJazz mouthpiece HR 7 and it feels very comfortable. It has a warm and rich sound.
I can play very soft and clear in the lower and higher part of my baritone. The intonation is great. Above all JodyJazz makes it very easy to switch from alto to baritone to soprano in seconds without any barriers.”

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Nicole Johänntgen Biography

Nicole Johänntgen, saxophonist, teacher and founder of SOFIA Support Of Female Improvising Artists was born in Saarland South West of Germany. She was born in Quierschied 1981 and moved in 2005 to Switzerland. She studied jazz and popular music in Mannheim and plays concerts in France, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Nicole received the JTI Trier Jazz Award 2015, won the 1st international Jazz contest of the 7 Virtual Jazz Club in December 2016 and received the prize of the composition contest of Swiss Jazz Club Moods in January 2017. She produced ten cds. As teacher and musician she tours around the world and connect musicians from different countries.



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