Ryan Burrage

JodyJazz DV Alto 8, DV Baritone 9, DV Soprano 8*, DV Tenor 9*

Ryan Burrage on the Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece

“Jody, as you can recall you sent me the Ruby Red JodyJazz Clarinet mouthpiece #8 with the spoiler. After playing around with that one, I then went with a Ruby Red #9 with the spoiler. All I can say is this is a great mouthpiece. You’ve known me for some time and know that I have been heavily influenced by the old New Orleans Albert system clarinet players (Dodds, Bechet, Bigard, etc) so I prefer the more open tip. I’ve never played a mouthpiece with a very open tip which was consistently easy to play throughout the whole range of the horn: from low E to double high E!!! I can push the mouthpiece enough to play forcefully, and it subtones nice in the low register quite well. Thanks Jody, and keep up the great work!”

Ryan Burrage on the JodyJazz DV Soprano Sax Mouthpiece:
“Jody, got the DV 8* soprano mouthpiece today. Wow! Just wow! As you know, I’m heavily influenced by Sidney Bechet, and this mouthpiece gets me as close to that sound as I think you can get! I also will use a slightly harder reed to achieve a mellower sound in a more contemporary setting. Overall, this is the most flexible soprano sax mouthpiece I’ve ever tried – the best of both worlds.”

Ryan Burrage on the JodyJazz DV Alto Sax Mouthpiece:
“I’m loving the DV 8. Tonal flexibility and complexity at its best. I can play contemporary or traditional with this mouthpiece, depending on my approach. If I push it, it wails – if I lay back on it, it’s just a beautiful mellow sound. Everything from Bird to Earl Bostic and beyond can be covered with this mouthpiece!”

Ryan Burrage on the JodyJazz DV Tenor Sax Mouthpiece:
“Tenor saxophones, and mouthpieces for that matter, are tricky for me. Perhaps it’s because of the wide array of influences I have on tenor. I tend to use a different mouthpiece on tenor for different scenarios. If I want to wail and honk, I use the DV 9*. If it’s a Zoot Sims, more mellow type of sound I’m looking for, I’ll use the DVNY 9*. At times, especially with traditional bands, I’ll still use the Ruby Red Classic 9 you sent me years ago, to capture the Eddie Miller/Bud Freeman type of sound. All these mouthpieces serve me well, and I find that they all play equally well.”

Ryan Burrage on the JodyJazz DV Baritone Sax Mouthpiece:
“I don’t get to play baritone sax too much, but when I do, I use the DV 9. Because I don’t play bari a lot, I need it to be ready to play when I pick it up, and that’s exactly what the DV 9 does for me – it practically plays itself! Other than the size of the horn, I generally feel as though I am playing alto or tenor, and forget about the fact that I’m playing the much larger baritone sax! Thanks a lot!”

Ryan Burrage

Ryan Burrage is a true gem in the musical landscape. He’s a virtuoso clarinet player in the style of the old New Orleans Masters, yet he introduces fresh and new ideas throughout his playing. His sound is huge and his range is even larger. After 6-1/2 years of leading the band at the renowned Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub on Bourbon Street, Ryan is now the clarinetist/saxophonist with the world renowned Dukes of Dixieland, featured on the Riverboat Natchez 7 nights a week(when not on tour). I had a great time sitting in with Ryan at Fritzel’s and was amazed at the high notes he was hitting and the fluidity with which he was doing it. I was quite proud when he announced to the crowd that he was playing a JodyJazz mouthpiece. He plays it with the spoiler in, by the way. When you are in New Orleans I highly recommend hearing this Trad Master.

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