Sylvain Beuf

Sylvain Beuf on the HR* CUSTOM DARK Tenor 8* and HR* Soprano 7*

"I was really impressed with the new HR* Custom Dark Tenor 8*. Its sound is really smooth and it is possible to change intonation according to the energy of my playing. It is an extremely fair and homogeneous mouthpiece. It goes where I want to go, that's the most important thing to me!

For a young musician this may be the time to take a sound color term to the next level. I recommend it to all my students because it brings more confidence.

On soprano, the HR 7* model allowed me to find smooth listening and playing sensations - in the studio, these accuracies make the big difference."

Sylvain Beuf Biography

Sylvain Beuf (born April 6, 1964, Paris) is a French jazz saxophonist, composer, and arranger.
Beuf studied classical music in Orsay and jazz music at CIM with Jean-Claude Fohrenbach, Bernard Maury,
and Claude Tissendier among others. He is a prolific composer and leads ensembles of several sizes which
play regularly at international jazz festivals. In 1993, he won the Django Reinhardt award for French
musician of the year. He is now the director of the jazz department at the conservatoire de Versailles.
Musicians he has worked with include Martial Solal, René Urtreger, Michel Legrand, Daniel Humair, Henri
Texier, Richard Galliano, the collective Zhivaro, André Ceccarelli, Aldo Romano, Pierre de Bethmann,
Michel Marre, Maurice Vander, Gérard Badini, the ensemble Océan, Moutin Réunion, Patrice Caratini,
Andy Emler, Franck Amsallem, Ivan Paduart, Gordon Beck, Alain Jean-Marie, Bojan Z, Billy Hart, Jean-
Michel Pilc, Emmanuel Bex, Sylvain Luc, Stéphane Huchard, Éric Le Lann, Baptiste Trotignon, Minino
Garay, and Jean Pierre Como.

◾ 1991 : Parcours, Quintet des frères Moutin (Blue Line) - with Louis and François Moutin, Marianne and
Simon Spang-Hanssen.
◾ 1993 : Impro Primo (RDC Records) - Sylvain Beuf Quartet with Bojan Z, Christophe Wallemme and
Stéphane Huchard
◾ 1999 : La danse des internotes (RDC Records) - Sylvain Beuf Quintet with Manuel Rocheman,
Christophe François Verly and Jean-Pierre Arnaud
◾ 2001 : Soul Notes (Naïve) - Sylvain Beuf Quintet and Manuel Rocheman, Christophe Wallemme,
François Verly and Laurent Robin
◾ 2001 : Sylvain Beuf Trio (Naïve) with Diégo Imbert and Franck Agulhon
◾ 2004 : Octovoice (Naïve) with E Bex, L Moutin, Th Peala, L Saltiel, L Littardi, V Puesh, B Jacquot.
◾ 2004 : Trio Expérience (RCD) with F Agulhon and D Imbert
◾ 2007 : Mondes parallèles with Franck Agulhon, Damien Argentieri, André Ceccarelli, Frédéric Delestré,
Diego Imbert, Denis Leloup, Laura Littardi, Michel Perez, Jérôme Regard
◾ 2010 : Joy (Such Prod/Harmonia Mundi) with Franck Agulhon (d), Diego Imbert (b), Pierrick Pedron
(as), Denis Leloup (tb) and Jean-Yves Jung (p), live at Jazz Club de Dunkerque.
◾ 2012 : Electric Excentric (Such Prod/Harmonia Mundi) with Manu Codjia, Philippe Bussonnet, Julien
Charlet, Alex Tassel, Nicolas Folmer, Thomas Guei and Thomas Beuf
◾ 2015 : Plénitud (Impro Primo Records/Socadisc) with Manu Codjia, Philippe Bussonnet, Julien Charlet
and Laurent Coulondre.



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