January 2009 Issue

“George Garzone has developed an improvising concept called the triadic chromatic approach. The saxophonist uses the four groups of triads—major, minor, augmented and diminished—and has
figured out how to improvise on them with random inversion, with a half-step coupling between each triad. “This is a way of playing that helps you break away from your normal repetitions,” Garzone said…”

May 2008 Issue

“JodyJazz continues to produce new models of gold-plated brass mouthpieces that give serious saxophone players further options for great sound and response. The JodyJazz DV NY alto #5 and DV baritone #8, released early this year, bring metal professional sax mouthpieces to new levels of efficiency and tonal flexibility.”

June 2007 Issue

“Neumann has introduced its KMS 104 hand-held wired microphone for live performance applications, a follow-up to the company’s KMS 105 model. Designed for optimal transmission of the
human voice on loud stages, the KMS 104 improves on the KMS 105 with the added feature of a cardioid polar pattern. Neumann’s entire KMS series offers higher acoustic transparency than most
other handhelds, allowing a wider frequency range with better resolution of audio transients…”

February 2006 Issue

“… the most inspiring were the DV alto mouthpieces. Bright, full of harmonics and brassy without being shrill, the DV altos projected effortlessly in all ranges, with an especially wailing altissimo. It was easy to play quiet and low with a fat, full sound. Intonation was spot-on.”

September 2004 Issue

“JodyJazz mouthpieces clearly reflect attention to detail and finish with superb craftsmanship throughout. All the critical elements are present—accurate intonation, flexibility, centered sound, comfort, appearance and versatility. The brain behind JodyJazz Mouthpieces is Jody Espina, a working musician in the New York City area who creates rubber and metal mouthpieces for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. With years of research and testing behind him, his goal is for each piece to play like it was custom-tweaked for the individual player’s needs…”