JodyJazz DV

Juan Alonso

“Dear Jody Espina: I’ve received your Soprano DV yesterday morning’. It’s really beautiful and has your super class working´on it, but this is not the best thing. It’s sounding´is just perfect, with the most easy and full of soul altissimo I’ve ever heard. Colourfull and deep heart. You are really a great master. Thank you so much and always keep workin´ please. Kind regards from Spain.”

JodyJazz DV

Don Bell

“I am enjoying your soprano DV 7* sax mouthpiece! It blows freely as your tenor DV does. Thanks for the great pieces!”

JodyJazz DV

Pal Austnes

“Hi Jody. Just want to tell you that I´m now playing the DV both on my Yanagisawa Curved Soprano and on my brand new PMauriat alto. Excellent performance with a crispy and rich tone at the same time – I’m extremely happy with my new choice of mouthpieces!!!”

JodyJazz DV

Diego Gallarate

As soon as I got your beautifully crafted piece, I went through all the reeds that after the usual long adjustment period, were just starting to break in, and to my surprise, especially using the harder ones, I was not only able to play up to the G higher note, but the sound was quite good and a perfect intonation! I should have expected it from your art works! Now with the DV on the Soprano I was finally able to play that register without too much trouble, if not for my inner ear! Thank You very much, you are a Genius (so much as the Da Vinci of sax mpc !”

JodyJazz DV

Andrew Bowie

“Give them a try: Jody does great customer service, so if it’s not for you, you can return it, provided, of course, that you look after it. I now have that feeling I had with the other DVs of wanting to get back to the horn, because practice is so much more rewarding. Hats off to Jody again!”

Sam Waters

This was your suggestion for my needs. The mouthpiece is wonderful, and I want to thank you for your quality product. It gives me the best sound I have had on soprano and the intonation, top to bottom, is great. Full, round tone, very nice. I will pass the word about your mouthpieces and will no doubt be buying others in the future. Sincere thanks for a great product and sincere, best wishes for a great summer.

Paul Grandmasion

My wife has never liked my soprano playing much, preferring my tenor which has been my main horn, but last night after she heard me on your piece, she said that I sounded really smooth and she liked it. I realized too that it really took the shrillness out of my tone, and is the sound I am looking for on a soprano.
Another critical thing about your pieces is that my intonation is better than it’s been on both the tenor and soprano. Incredible!
Thanks so much for making such great pieces.


Your site, your products, your service, you and your people are the best… Rest assured I receive compliments right and left for my new sound – and Jody Jazz has everything to do with it! The DV Tenor and HR Soprano pieces are revolutionary! And your Garzone DVD inspires and relaxes with its info. and down to earth presentation. Yeah Man…

William Cingolani

I have the jody jazz DV metal tenor sax mouth piece and the jody jazz Chicago, and I have three jody jazz ring ligatures which I prefer over all other ligatures that I have.

Frank Zona

Well, it works great compared to the Rovner. I’m just amazed and very happy. If you recall I was the guy at the NAMM show who didn’t like the reed cap. I got over it. I’ve played the new ligature on a couple of gigs now and just delighted with the additional response and ease in the bottom end of the horn. It also seems to make more reeds playable. This ligature is a great product and a perfect complement to the DV.