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Mark Robinson on the HR* Alto 6M

Qiu Zhong Zhi

“I fell in love with my HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto as soon as I tried it at my first time. It never fails to give me the warm and dark sound I’ve been looking for. With the HR* CUSTOM DARK mouthpiece, I can also play all kinds of styles while still keeping my personal sound. So I’m very glad and proud to be a JodyJazz Artist.”

Mick Brown-leng on HR* Alto 6M

Keith W. on the HR* Alto 6M

“I am so thankful I found Jody’s mouthpieces. I just purchased the HR* 6M. It is by far the most perfect mouthpiece I have ever played. Coupled with the D’Addario Select Jazz 2M Shaved, the piece sings. Jody’s demo video is no joke. The mouthpiece Is capable of producing many different tones; all sustainable and consistent. The power ring is a great add on, and allows the reed to vibrate beautifully. It loosens a little when I adjust the mouthpiece on the neck. Easy to reposition, though. Overall: Perfect for me.”

Ernesto Ramos

Bobby Selvaggio

“When I was looking for a new mouthpiece to play on, several Jazz players I know recommended JodyJazz mouthpieces. I was looking for a piece that would allow me to push as hard as I wanted and to pull back as much as I needed. I also perform in a variety of Jazz styles and I needed a mouthpiece that could handle all of that. JodyJazz mouthpieces exceeded all my expectations.”

John Paulson

“I’ve been using JodyJazz tenor mouthpieces since the early days, including the ESP and different versions of the DV’s. Each mouthpiece has its own unique playing character across the horn’s range. After experimenting, I’ve found that the original #7 DV is my go-to for situations where I want a room-filling sound without relying on a PA system, maintaining a smooth, dark tone. When I need to play more quietly with an even darker tone, I turn to Jody’s HR* Tenor with an 8* facing. It delivers a lush sound with depth and warmth while still allowing me to project without feeling stifled. Jody offers a variety of mouthpieces to cater to every player’s needs, and I always recommend them to fellow musicians, including professionals, teachers, and students.”

Khari Allen Lee

“The Love, Care and Attention to Detail that goes into every Jody Jazz Mouthpiece brings these creations and their technical considerations to the realm of Art. Works like these will be collectors items, and will surely, for posterity, be portals of and amplifiers aiding in the production of the World’s greatest, most moving sounds.”

‘Blue’ Lou Marini

“This JodyJazz metal alto is beautifully made, plays in tune and gives me the bark and bite I need for louder playing situations. Records great too.”

Roland G

i played a dukoff d7 vor ages – by accident i had the chance to try your HRs – i just love them! why? the 6M i own gives me a veery great flexibility in sound-expression. then i tried the HR 8 on tenor: it will replace my meyer M6 😉 great response, very rich sound for a hard rubber mtpc – i tried the metal ones to, but i like the HR more, even when playing fusion stuff:-) i use both HRs with harry hartmann’s fiberreed reeds.

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