Yainer Horta

Image of JodyJazz Artist Pedro Esparza

Pedro Esparza

“The quality of the JodyJazz Mouthpieces is truly amazing! The response, tone and design allow you to let your instrument truly speak as if it were your own voice. It is so easy to play these mouthpieces and brought my sound to new heights! I particularly love the Jet, HR, and DV series. Keep making amazing mouthpieces, Jody!!”

Magnus Bakken

“The DV Tenor 8* is the most versatile and rich-sounding mouthpiece I have ever played. It allows me to have a bright and projecting sound that also incorporates darker elements when I need it to. An incredible mouthpiece for all the various settings I play. I highly recommend this mouthpiece to anyone who likes a bright, big and rich sound!”

Uğur Yeniyol

JodyJazz mouthpieces are amazing! The mastery is at the highest level. They allow to make my creative own sound. The JodyJazz mouthpiece brings out all the natural nuances. It sings in all registers, perfect intonation, fat and bright sounding as a saxophone should be.

Rajiv Halim

Joe Posada

“I had previously heard about the JodyJazz mouthpieces, but it wasn’t until I played the JodyJazz DV for myself that I truly realized the playing capabilities behind the exquisite craftsmanship. Shortly thereafter, I decided on trying out the JodyJazz Jet with great reward; through the JodyJazz mouthpieces I’ve discovered a whole new meaning to free blowing without resistance and a warm but powerful modern sound that effortlessly manages any volume. Thanks Jody!”

Derek Brown

“As soon as I first played the Jody Jazz DV Tenor 8*, I knew it was the right mouthpiece for me. Its combination of a big cutting tone, a gorgeous low end, supportive altissimo, and ease of play has made me a convert. Playing the sax just became more fun! Thanks Jody!”

Abel Garcia

“I’ve been playing the JodyJazz DV Tenor 8* mouthpiece for 7 years now. It’s the mouthpiece I’d been looking for, for years. Extremely comfortable to play, with a great balance in all registers. It is very versatile and with it I have been able to play and record in different styles. The DV adapts well in many different climates. A great mouthpiece for today’s saxophonist. Thanks JodyJazz!!!”

Sandy Gabriel

“My JodyJazz Mouthpieces are amazing! Since I started playing on them my sound completely changed in all registers. For many years this is the sound I was looking for and really feel super comfortable and safe when playing any musical genre especially jazz. I recommend JodyJazz one hundred percent.”

Damian Cremisio