Yurie Yamazaki

Yurie Yamazaki on JodyJazz mouthpieces

"JodyJazz mouthpieces have a very natural sound. They are also warm, powerful and bright. I have never played any other mouthpieces like JodyJazz. With JodyJazz mouthpieces, I'm going to be able to evolve and further express myself as a player!"


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Yurie Yamazaki Biography

Acclaimed saxophonist and composer Yurie Yamazaki was born in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka, Japan. She started playing classical piano at age 4 and as an adult she then went on to Nagoya Art University where she majored in piano. Fascinated by big band live performance and improvisation, Yurie then decided to take Jazz/Pop music classes and started to play saxophone.

In 2012, she went to the USA and played at clubs and churches in LA. Yurie participated in jam sessions organized by Andrew Gouche (bass player for Prince, Chaka Khan) every week and played with world famous artists. In 2014, she moved to Tokyo and started a career as professional saxophone player.

Yurie won the second prize in the Cannonball saxophone contest run by “SAX magazine”. She also published the “Charlie Parker Songbook” from MTB music presenter publishing company. In 2018, Yurie released her first mini album “Spirit”.

Yurie Yamazaki is now working on her live shows, writing songs and recording them. She has a soulful spirit and a saxophone that grooves and sings.


4歳からクラシックピアノを始め、名古屋芸術大学にピアノで入学するも、入学後初めて目にしたビックバンドのライブや即興演奏に魅了され翌年Jazz,Popsコースに転科。サックスを本格的に始める 。2012年単身渡米。Los Angelesの数々のライブハウスや教会、セッションを周り武者修行に励む。滞在中PrinceやChaka KhanのベーシストAndrew Goucheが主催するジャムセッション等に毎週足を運び、世界的なアーティスト達と演奏を重ねる。

SAX magazineの歌モノサックスコンテストで準グランプリ受賞。
MTBミュージックプレゼンターより【Charlie Parker SONGBOOK 】In Eb&Bb 版を出版。
2018年 自身初となるミニアルバム “Spirit”をリリース。




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