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Bryn Ripley

“Having grown up playing JodyJazz mouthpieces, I consider my DV Alto 7 an integral part of my sound and brand. I can’t imagine ever switching to another mouthpiece, they just can’t compete!”

EJ Hughes

“Using JodyJazz mouthpieces allows Me a freedom of expression and tonal balance that I haven’t found anywhere else. The full bodied tone and sonic purity of my DV mouthpieces bring me into a zone when I play, allowing me to easily draw from a range of influences, leading also to innovation, giving me the confidence to take chances sonically while playing and improvising with greater joy and intention.”

Anastasia McQueen

“The JodyJazz DV Alto 7 is a mouthpiece that instantly transformed my sound. It captures the exact tone I’ve been searching for and provides unmatched flexibility across musical styles. I never thought I’d switch mouthpieces until I tried JodyJazz. It’s become an essential part of my musical identity.”

Abigail Milce on the DV Alto 7

Randy Sumrall on DV Alto 7

Randy Sumrall on the DV Alto 7

Tobias Schoenauer on the DV Alto 7

Andrew R. on the DV Alto 7

Vasilis Xenopoulos

“For years I was looking for a mouthpiece that would help me to get closer to the sound of two of my favorite players of all times, Dexter Gordon and Johnny Griffin. My JodyJazz DV Chicago 8* not only does that but also allows me to use the full depth of my tone whether it’s a jazz ballad or an up-tempo tune.” “I’ve been using exclusively hard rubber mouthpieces on alto for years till I tried the JodyJazz DV Alto 7. I was really impressed as it has got all the qualities I’m looking on a mouthpiece. It combines great projection as well as the right warmth that I want my tone to have when I play jazz and on top of that just the right amount of resistance that helps with jazz phrasing.”

Miyuki Fujino

“My JodyJazz mouthpiece has made my sound more gorgeous than before. It makes it easy to control and put out harmonic overtone. I love “funky music” , so I wanted to play a sound that stands out. The mouthpiece made my wish come true.”

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