“After years of searching I finally found the right mouthpiece to achieve my unique and signature sound! The JodyJazz DV Alto 7 Mouthpiece helps me to produce a warm, full and organic sound on my straight-alto saxophone!”

Sintia Piccin

“The JodyJazz JET has everything I search for in a saxophone mouthpiece. It’s powerful, balanced, allows flexibility, has dynamics and huge projection when I push it. This is a mouthpiece made by a guy who plays and understands what a mouthpiece needs to work perfectly. Congratulations Jody, great job!!!”

Jeff Kashiwa

Jeff Kashiwa

DV Soprano

“Dear Jody Espina: I’ve received your Soprano DV yesterday morning’. It’s really beautiful and has your super class working´on it, but this is not the best thing. It’s sounding´is just perfect, with the most easy and full of soul altissimo I’ve ever heard. Colourfull and deep heart. You are really a great master. Thank you so much and always keep workin´ please. Kind regards from Spain.”

Pal Austnes

“Hi Jody. Just want to tell you that I´m now playing the DV both on my Yanagisawa Curved Soprano and on my brand new PMauriat alto. Excellent performance with a crispy and rich tone at the same time – I’m extremely happy with my new choice of mouthpieces!!!”

Diego Gallarate

As soon as I got your beautifully crafted piece, I went through all the reeds that after the usual long adjustment period, were just starting to break in, and to my surprise, especially using the harder ones, I was not only able to play up to the G higher note, but the sound was quite good and a perfect intonation! I should have expected it from your art works! Now with the DV on the Soprano I was finally able to play that register without too much trouble, if not for my inner ear! Thank You very much, you are a Genius (so much as the Da Vinci of sax mpc !”

Andrew Bowie

“Give them a try: Jody does great customer service, so if it’s not for you, you can return it, provided, of course, that you look after it. I now have that feeling I had with the other DVs of wanting to get back to the horn, because practice is so much more rewarding. Hats off to Jody again!”

Su Terry

“The DV gives me everything I need in a mouthpiece–1. Beautiful and consistent tone throughout the horn at any dynamic 2. Power 3. Ease of playing…”