Greg Lyons

Image of Don Braden playing the DV NY Tenor 8*

Don Braden

“The JodyJazz DV NY is my favorite modern metal mouthpiece. It has excellent workmanship, and its overall tone is full bodied with just a bit of edge, so it works well in a variety of situations. Most importantly, it is flexible enough that I can get my own sound. Well done, JodyJazz!”

Marcelo Freitas

Arnie Krakowsky

“Just letting you know that the GIANT is the best Metal piece (can I say metal) on the scene today. Big, complex, huge, easy blow, reed-friendly and coming from rubber, it’s got a big comfort level. I had been playing a HR* hard rubber mouthpiece and wanted to go back to a metal after 10 years of playing it. I found it very hard to do until I played the GIANT. It has a profile of a hard rubber mouthpiece. After an hour playing it I thought I was playing a rubber piece. The GIANT has a beautiful sound with just the right amount of resistance. The spread on the bottom part of the horn is glorious. It is very reed friendly and has all the power I need and can go from double pp to ff in a heartbeat!! What else could you want in a mouthpiece?”

Ole Jacob Hystad

” Hello! A great compliment to the DV NY 8*! I have played on many different mp,s during the last years, but this one is what I wanted! Bought it a month ago in London. Very easy to play, and a really large sound. Got nice comments from my collegues in Bergen – Norway. I hope you like to receive this message from me. best wishes “

François D’Amours

“…The first time I heard of your pieces, I went to the store and tried a bunch of them. Mostly DV’s and HR for soprano alto and tenor. I was liking the playability and the comfort of the DV tenor but found it was a little too bright for my taste. So when the DV NY came out, i ordered one! An 8*. And boom!! I fell in love with the mouthpiece! What can i say. It’s got everything I want form a mouthpiece. The sound of course, but also the comfort, the intonation, the projection, etc.. So what I want to say is congratulations for the great mouthpiece!”