Nicole Johänntgen

“On my baritone I play the JodyJazz mouthpiece HR 7 and it feels very comfortable. It has a warm and rich sound. I can play very soft and clear in the lower and higher part of my baritone. The intonation is great. Above all JodyJazz makes it very easy to switch from alto to baritone to soprano in seconds without any barriers.”

Alan Sandilands on the HR* Bari 7

“Hi from the UK, I have just purchased your HR* 7 Bari mouthpiece and had to contact you to say “What a Masterpiece”, a pure joy to play on. I have played Baritone Sax since around 1963, mainly using hard rubber Berg Larsens on 1930’s Conn X-Bar horns. Ten years back I sold my instruments but recently purchased a 1933 Conn Bari. Saw your clip on YouTube and bought one via Gear4music, UK. Many thanks for this inspired easy blowing Baritone Mouthpiece, and your highly skilled dedicated craftspeople. I intend to let my Sax playing friends know about this. Very best wishes for future success and prosperity, Alan Sandilands.”

Image of JodyJazz Artist Pedro Esparza

Pedro Esparza

“The quality of the JodyJazz Mouthpieces is truly amazing! The response, tone and design allow you to let your instrument truly speak as if it were your own voice. It is so easy to play these mouthpieces and brought my sound to new heights! I particularly love the Jet, HR, and DV series. Keep making amazing mouthpieces, Jody!!”

Dan White

“Jody’s HR 8 allows me to do everything that I can imagine with ease. It has warmth and the right amount of cut allowing me to do my thing in any musical setting. Hemke 4 reeds with the Jody Jazz HR 8 gets me the fat sound from top to bottom that I am looking for.”

Amedicio Junior

It could give me a sweet sound and at the same time a clear and alive sound also. It’s a very easy mouthpiece to play, comfortable, very precise tuning and a beautiful sound. A long time ago I have been looking for a mouthpiece with that comfort. I am very happy with the result.