Victor Aguiar

Victor Aguiar on the JodyJazz JET 6

“Jody encouraged me to try the JET 6 even though I had never played anything mouthpiece larger than a 5 and when I tried the 5, Jody encouraged me to try the JET 6. Wow! I had never sounded such a velvety beautiful sound before. The bottom end of the saxophone sounded so beautiful that I thought maybe the high notes would be weak super clear and also beautiful sounding. Even altissimo came out easier than any other mouthpiece I had played before. The JodyJazz Alto JET is amazing and I haven't let it out of my sight since I first tried it.”

Victor Aguiar on the JodyJazz HR* Soprano Sax 6*:

“I have had a very difficult time trying to find a soprano sax mouthpiece that could give me the diversity I need for all the different gigs I do from calm romantic Kenny G songs to Blues to Jazz to Eric Marienthal. The HR* is the perfect soprano mouthpiece for my kind of sound. I can play any kind of music on it. I am delighted.”

Victor Aguiar: Amplifying Sound with JodyJazz

As a saxophonist and musical influencer, Victor Aguiar navigates an extraordinary journey within the realm of music. Recognized for his versatility and passion for the saxophone, his pursuit of sonic excellence has led him to collaborate on impactful projects and renowned television programs.

Entertainment World Impact:

With a significant presence in both cinema and television, Victor has been part of productions that captivated audiences worldwide. Notably, the JodyJazz mouthpieces became part of Brazilian cinema history in the movie "Tudo Por Um Popstar," where Victor portrayed a multi-instrumentalist pop star. The film was a box office hit, acclaimed by critics, and hailed as one of the finest teen movies produced.

Showcasing Musical Talents:

His commitment to music also extends to television, where he excelled as a judge across various seasons of the acclaimed show "Canta Comigo," captivating audiences with his musical expertise and technical knowledge, recognized as the primary musical work in television programming across eight seasons.

Recognition and Accolades:

His dedication to music and social impact has garnered notable awards, such as the Golden Drizzle, recognizing his exceptional services to the city of São Paulo, along with distinctions in the São Paulo State Legislative Assembly and the Representation and Excellent Services Rendered to the Portuguese Language award (OIPALPO).

Social Media and Streaming Reach:

With a robust social media presence, Victor boasts over 100,000 followers on Instagram, fostering direct connections with his fans. His music resonates on Spotify, accumulating nearly 1 million streams, showcasing the impact of his work beyond the stage. Victor Aguiar chooses JodyJazz to elevate his sound, exploring the unparalleled quality of saxophone mouthpieces that drive his musical expressiveness. His partnership with JodyJazz is a testament to the mutual commitment to sonic excellence and a shared passion for music.



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