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"JodyJazz is a mouthpiece that I can easily control. I like its delicate workmanship and bright sound, and it allows me to perform my best vividly!"


Wang Xing Biography

Wang Xing was born in 1982, and he is a Jazz saxophonist from China. He is also a well-known jazz band leader, and local jazz festival organizer who held several musical events and masterclasses in inner Mongolia.

Wang Xing studied Jazz saxophone and graduated from Beijing Midi Music School in 2001. Inspired by his professor Ting-Quan Lu (陸廷荃), who is one of the top saxophone players in China and one of the first generations devoted himself to the Jazz musical field, soon after Wang is recognized as a very outstanding and dynamic Jazz saxophonist as well.

In 2003 – formed his first jazz band "Pool Spoon"(池湯匙)
In 2005 – formed a jazz band " fishfish"
In 2007 – joined the “Assorted Supermarket Band” (什錦超市樂隊) as a saxophone player. In the same year, he participated in the "Pepsi" band competition and won the first place in Inner Mongolia and the top 16 in the country.
In 2008 – studied Jazz Performance at Shanghai JZ School.
In 2014 – formed the first jazz big band “Graymonkey” in inner Mongolia.
In 2015 – created “Jiazi Jazz Festival”(甲資爵士音樂節) , and successfully launched its first musical event which attracted many regional jazz big bands coming to learn and interact. On December 12, 2017, held the 2nd Jiazi Jazz Music Festival. On August 11, 2018, held the 3rd Jia Zi Jazz Festival.
In 2017 – established “Jiazi Cultural Media Co., Ltd” and specialized in winds instrument trading and education in Inner Mongolia.
In 2020 – joined a electronic jazz band ”参芥客”

Wang Xing is very dedicated to promoting and teaching Jazz music in his hometown. In addition to being a JodyJazz Artist Endorser he is a P. Mauriat Artist and to date has successfully organized two P. Mauriat Master Class in Inner Mongolia.


2020 年加入参芥客電子爵士樂隊。



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