David Beecroft on the HR* CUSTOM DARK Tenor

“This is a very expressive mouthpiece. It has a lovely combination of tone colors and a dry centered feel. Played quietly it sings and is warm and fuzzy. When you put more air through it, it becomes muscular and dignified. If sound were chocolate then this mouthpiece is 100% cocoa.”


HR* CUSTOM DARK Tenor – MAY 2020

Paul Thackeray on the HR* CUSTOM DARK Tenor

“I got my Custom Dark HR* in an 8 just yesterday and can’t put my tenor sax down. This is, without doubt, the best mouthpiece you have come out with to date – certainly as far as my preferred tone is concerned.”

David Beecroft

“Every so often I have gotten the itch to try a new/different mouthpiece. This usually happens when I find myself in my favorite music shop with a little too much time on my hands. Normally I try a few mouthpieces, shrug my shoulders and think “Nothing here really speaks to me, my piece plays just fine.” That was the story until Jody’s HR tenor mouthpiece appeared in the selection. This mouthpiece spoke to me loud, fat and clear. Not long after buying the tenor piece I replaced my alto refaced link with the JodyJazz HR* Alto and the The DV is the most expressive baritone mouthpiece I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Jody’s mouthpieces are stable, in tune, allow a huge dynamic range and give me the freedom to be very expressive with my sound. Now the only reason to go to the shop is to get the horn tweaked and chat a bit.”

Michael Burton

“The JodyJazz HR 8 is the perfect mouthpiece for me. It allows me to play evenly throughout the entire range of the horn, and consistency creates the tone that I desire to have. I have one for my alto and my tenor. Thanks Jody!”